A moment of repentance is enough to make a change. A change for the best.

Tres Tintas offers P E N T I M E N T O , a collection that defends the real nature of a work. A collection that praises the great effort of the artist in his constant determination to improve his technique,in his determination to capture a melody or scent on the canvas. Pentimento is progress. It is sincerity and innocent crudeness. It is how that song has pierced deep into the hearts of thousands, the extreme delicacy of the tulle carved in a marble sculpture, the perfect combination between technique and passion for a preferred oil. Pentimento has been made to acknowledge moments of change.  This collection is presented as an ode to the evolution of so many works throughout the history of art. Repentance is an opportunity. An opportunity to strengthen. An opportunity to assess the change. To start again. To achieve.