Decor Design Leather

Leather is ancient
Leather is valuable
Leather is valued
Leather has an essence that is intangible.
It has been sought after for centuries
It has been prized for eons
It is something that has been close to our skin for thousands of years
It is hard to describe the essence of a leather experience it can only be felt.

What makes Decor Design Leather Unique?

Decor Design Leather will solve any leather problem with a hand picked, high quality leather hide efficiently priced, available locally in an exceptional service experience.

  • High Quality. Hand picked Italian Leather
  • Exceptional Service.┬áIf it involves leather we can do almost anything.
  • Immediate Response. Leather is stocked locally in Australia, all ranged hides are available on a 2-3 day lead time.
  • Price for Value. Sourcing direct from the tannery in bulk provides access to exceptional quality at an efficient price.
  • Unparalleled Leather expertise. With Decor Design Leather you will access over 40 years of leather expertise / technical support available locally.