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    Inspired floor coverings

Floor coverings

Floor – the final frontier. We dare to go where few have gone before, enabling designers to create unique flooring experiences: Hume Floors By Design.

Craftmanship is back!

We have created a floor design experience that allows designers to become skilled flooring craftsman again. We put the design process back in your hands. Carpet and rugs can now be infinitely customised to specific project requirements in pattern, texture, pile etc…

Expertise in Engineered solutions…

If you can imagine it we can engineer it, a small number of leading companies throughout the world produce amazing products to very specific briefs. We know how to ensure you get the best from the best.

Efficient, effective and fast.

At Hume flooring solutions hit the ground running. Projects are delivered quickly, more efficiently and to last. We love being involved in flooring projects, we do it differently, and produce better results.

Hume constructs solutions to some of the most challenging design problems in the world. We invite you to explore the galleries below. Each has been carefully organised based on your project requirements.