• Window coverings to inspire

Window coverings

A glazed area is a fascinating, beautiful and versatile design medium. The ability to reflect, refract and diffuse light unlike anything else opens up a world of design possibilities. How do you want to work with the light?

Fabric and light transform spaces.

Stunning curtain fabrics and/ or sheers that play with light, enhance, diffuse and protect window areas are critical elements that complete projects.

Intelligent textiles enhance the room environment.

When combined with intelligent textiles that remove environmental stress / odour from rooms; whilst also destroying bacteria, curtains take space design to a whole new level.

Shift your perspective.

Combining window spaces with fabrics, digitally printed or specialty glass films will change the way you view glass forever. Some see glass as a light transmitting vehicle, we see it as an unused canvas, available to create a whole new universe.

At Hume we have best in class products that transform environments in ways previously unimaginable, we invite you to explore the galleries below. Each has been carefully organised based on your project requirements.