BRUSIO is a a semi-aniline leather, produced on the finest European raw material. The distinctive matte appearance and handle of BRUSIO is created by lightly brushing each hide with beeswax in the finishing process. This accentuates the natural variations in the hide and results in a velvety soft touch to the leather.  BRUSIO has a distinctly ‘naked’ handle and each hide will exhibit a unique character and texture. BRUSIO is suited to a broad range of traditional and contemporary furnishing and wall applications.  BRUSIO will absorb body oils and moisture, developing a beautiful patina in the leather. Its appearance will enhance over time, characterised by darkening of body contact areas. BRUSIO is suitable for residential and commercial environments where its sophistication and unique properties are understood and celebrated.  All colours are in stock and available for immediate off-the-shelf delivery.  Custom colours are available on request.
  •  Type: Semi-Aniline 
  • Source: Italy
  • Av Hide Size: 5.0sqm
  • Thickness: 0.9 - 1.1mm