ARIA is a semi aniline leather, characterised by its sumptuous handle and strikingly smooth finish. This unique leather is produced on the finest quality European hides.  The distinctive finish of ARIA is achieved by drying the hides under vacuum as part of the tanning process. This rapid removal of moisture creates a leather with luxurious body and structure, and an elegant almost ‘grainless’ look.  ARIA’s muted colour palette is inspired by European sophistication. Combined with its exceptional durability, this unique leather is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial interiors.  All colours are in stock in our Australian warehouse and available for immediate off-the-shelf delivery. 
  •  Type: Semi Aniline 
  • Source: Italy
  • Av Hide Size: 4.8-5.0sqm
  • Thickness: 1.0 - 1.2mm