CRAKGON surface repair

CRAKGON makes big commercial projects seem small. Paint it on and the cracks are gone!

What is it?

CRAKGON is a world-class product. It has been specifically designed and developed as a paint reinforcer to permanently repair surface damage both internally and externally. Most importantly it’s easy to apply, you simply paint it on and the cracks are gone.

What do you use it for?

CRAKGON is a problem solver product. Used to repair damaged surfaces it protects the wall and paint system against UV and weathering effects. It also strengthens the wall coating and dimensional stability to paint film. CRAKGON has been successfully used to eliminate the most common interior and exterior surface problems including:

  • Any surface cracks, alligatoring and checking
  • Rising Damp, Mould and Mildew
  • Cement rendered walls and fences
  • Corrosion
  • Blistering paint EG: Flaking fascia boards
  • Cracked lathe and plaster walls and ceilings
  • Efflorescence
  • Chalking
  • Sagging or Running
  • Rust Discolouration
  • Peeling paint due to poor adhesion, interior or exterior moisture.

We applied CRAKGON to repair a badly damaged plaster wall 8 years ago, we returned to do other work on the site recently and found that the repaired wall was in perfect condition but the walls surrounding the repair site were now covered in cracks.

Bob De Groot Master Painter

How does it work?

CRAKGON works with non-woven paint reinforcing tissue of randomly dispersed continuous C-glass fibers. The glass fibers function like the “steel-rod grid in concrete structures”, enhancing the durability and, thus preventing cracking of the reinforced paint system. A single layer of CRAKGON® and paint offer an impermeable, highly abrasion resistant, hygienic and long lasting protection barrier. Which, most importantly allows the wall to breathe.



The CRAKGON® system is permanent. Chalking is limited only where it reaches the CRAKGON® Membrane.

Erosion (thinning)

CRAKGON® repels dust. Erosion is limited to the outer layers since each fiber is encapsulated in paint. Once the fibre surface is exposed, the color is still reflected by the fibers.

The paint-film gets eroded over time by the continuous action of the wind, rain, and dust particles.


Avoided by the specific resin-rich reinforcement fibres found in CRAKGON®.

Over time, small cracks develop throughout the surface of the paint-film.


The paint-film maintains its plasticity through micro sub-superficial capsules within the fibre, which reinforce the paint-film the same way steel-rods do in reinforced concrete, enhancing durability and preventing cracking.

The paint-film loses its elasticity, and begins to peel-off as it breaks away from the substrate.


U.V. rays decompose the paint-film.

Approved by Master Painters

CRAKGON is such a premium product that one master painter offers a 10 year guarantee.

We are so impressed with the CRAKGON product we use to reinforce walls we offer our clients a written 10 year guarantee when it is applied by Bob De GrootPaint Services.

Lab tested to last

Laboratory tests prove CRAKGON® prevents the reappearance of surface cracks over 10 years. Longitudinal tests conducted by the National Building Research Institute of the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (PRETORIA, South Africa) indicate CRACKGON delivers outstanding results over a 10-year timeframe.

Plaster with Crakgon

Plaster exposed for 10 years with CRAKGON® reinforced paint system

Plaster without Crakgon

Plaster exposed for 10 years without a reinforced paint system

The Results

Here are a couple of the conclusions made after ten years exposure of paint systems with and without CRAKGON® reinforcing on a plastered wall displaying severe shrinkage cracking:

  1. In all the systems used, the finishes that incorporated CRAKGON® have proved superior to those that did not
  2. While the incorporation of CRAKGON® in a coating system results in more paint being required, the effect is that the system remains satisfactory for a longer period.

Division of Building Technology – CSIR

CRAKGON is safe and simple to use in five easy steps

Applying Crakgon: Step 1
Prepare the surface on which to apply CRAKGON®, filling major cracks. removing loose or flaking paint and smoothing down.

Applying Crakgon: Step 2
Surface must be clean, dry and free of dust. Apply horizontal strip of paint at top of surface from which to hang CRAKGON®.

Applying Crakgon: Step 3
Stick CRAKGON® to wet, painted strip. Ensure that drop is vertical and even. Smooth CRAKGON® against dry surface.

Applying Crakgon: Step 4
Apply a generous coat of paint through CRAKGON®. This will stick CRAKGON® to the wall. Repeat steps 2 to 4. For best results do not overlap succeeding drops.

Applying Crakgon: Step 5
After first coat has dried, the fibre pattern of CRAKGON® will be visible. Apply a final coat of paint, which may be of a different quality or another colour if desired.

This video demonstrates how easy it is to apply CRAKGON®:

It’s healthy too

CRAKGON® is not hazardous to health. CRAKGON® is made from continuous monofilament glass fibres exceeding 6 micro metres in diameter, which cannot be inhaled by humans. When handling CRAKGON® no protective clothing is necessary. However, persons with very sensitive skin may experience slight temporary irritation. Should this occur, washing with soap and cold water provides a simple remedy.

If you’ve got a big job to do you need CRAKGON.

  • Simple to apply – paint it on and the cracks are gone;
  • Paint in combination with CRAKGON® will repair building surfaces like nothing else can. Ensuring the job is only done once;
  • Banish hairline plaster cracks, rising damp, mould and mildew forever;
  • Significantly extend the life of the paint film;
  • Protects against UV and weathering effects;
  • Strengthens coating and dimensional stability to paint film.

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If you’re serious about paint you must be serious about surface repair.

CRAKGON – Paint it on and the cracks are gone!

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