C.I. Kasei Co. Ltd.


C.I. Kasei Co. Ltd. is an all-around plastics processing manufacturer, the company combines a deep knowledge and experience in materials with broad mix of resin technologies to produce a diverse product lineup that has fulfilled the needs of the market since its foundation in 1963.The product mix  has grown to include agricultural materials, specialty films, decorative materials, packaging materials, civil engineering materials, and electronic materials. C. I. Kasei is a wholly owned subsidiary of Itochu Corporation who has access to a vast global sales network. The company has an outstanding reputation for generating customer value through manufactured goods; and a corporate focus to contribute to the betterment of society and future generations under the corporate motto

CSI Kasei Co. Ltd is an outstanding manufactuer of commercial films like Belbien

Manufacturing friendly to people, the earth and the future.

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Explore Our Belbien Product Galleries