Soul Melange


SoulMelange Topbar With its soft melange effect and contemporary colour palette, Soul Melange offers a deluxe and contemporary revival of the classic wool felt. Soul Melange is a multi-coloured felt fabric in an exclusive blend of natural wool fibres and polyester. The vibrant interplay of colours brings the fabric to life and creates a beautiful melange effect with depth and character.

Wool felt forever

Soul Melange is a contemporary revival of the classic melange wool felt - a non-woven fabric composed of tightly compressed wool fibres. As one of the oldest man-made fabrics with a history that dates back thousands of years, wool felt is nothing but a true classic.

For screens and panels

Soul Melange offers a structural quality, which makes it highly suitable for various types of vertical surfaces, screens and panels. Use Soul Melange to separate space and create quiet, private and inspirational interiors with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a classic, dateless look.

Pick a colour

Soul Melange is available in no less than 37 colours - all of them with a distinctive melange effect created by contrasting light and dark colours. The palette spans discrete naturals such as grey, taupe and beige as well as dusty pastels and a multitude of intense greens, blues and reds.

Mix and match with Soul

Use Soul Melange alone or in combination with the unicoloured wool felt Soul and its complimentary colour palette of beautiful solids. Be daring and choose an unusual colour combo to create character and a surprising visual effect.