With its warm, casual, and nature-inspired aesthetics, Cura brings a residential feel to all types of workspaces. Cura is a multi-purpose, two-coloured melange upholstery fabric made from 98% post-consumer recycled polyester. It fuses modern performance with a warm, casual aesthetics and a soft, voluminous touch. The fabric’s matt, slightly heathered and natural-looking texture imitates the aesthetics of natural fibres, adding feel-good factor and a touch of classic luxury to any type of furniture.

Feels like home

Moving away from the stereotypical office towards a residential style, Cura’s warm, casual, and soft expression is the ideal choice for bringing a relaxed feeling of home into the workplace. Use Cura for classic office furniture or lounge seating to transform workplaces into comfortable interiors that feels like home - or as the ideal choice for the home office.

Natural tones and daring brights

The Cura colour palette is inspired by nature, warm and soft with a bright dimension. It encompasses 50 colourways, spanning nature’s own shades and a multiplicity of greys to burgundy, soft pinks, and a variety of greens and blues. The fabric’s natural-fibre texture brings an authenticity and vibrancy to the colours that add to the warm and natural expression. The versatile palette fuses beautifully with a multitude of surface materials - from moulded plastic elements to light and dark wood, stones, and metals.

Grey & black melange

Grey or black fibres add a vibrant melange effect to each Cura colour. The grey melange colourways lighten up the palette, while the black melanges create darker colour alternatives and a more distinct melange expression. The melange effect helps to camouflage dirt, wear and tear even in the light versions, enhancing the durability of the fabric and contributing to extend the life of furniture.

Made from used plastic bottles

Cura consists of 98% post-consumer recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles that could otherwise have ended up in landfills or in nature. The clear, uncoloured bottles are shredded into small flakes, melted into tiny pellets, extruded into yarn, and finally spun into fabric. The recycled polyester used for Cura is GRS certified (Global Recycle Standard) to verify the content of the recycled material and ensure traceability. Like the majority of Gabriel’s fabrics, Cura is also EU Ecolabel and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.