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De Ploeg an outstanding fabric manufacturer with an amazing history

Want woven textiles, need De Ploeg!

One of Hollands hidden secrets: De Ploeg is an outstanding manufacturer or woven textiles. Be it upholstery or curtain fabrics you will love the look, feel and quality of De Ploeg fabrics.

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Commercial Fabrics that know how to last

Fabulous fabrics the stepping stone to UNBELIEVABLE UPHOLSTERY

Commercial businesses rely on their interior decor for a whole host of reasons. The right decor can create a special ambience that really adds to the customer experience. The designs and colour schemes that are used can speak volumes about the operators and what they want from the venue. Comfort and durability are also high on the list, whilst many operators are also looking for environmentally responsible products. So where do you find high quality commercial fabrics that have all these attributes?

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Hume Internationale products are designed for the environment

When it comes to the environment, make the smart choice in decor

Imagine the scene. A fresh cartload of marigolds arrives at the mud hut. The hippies stop weaving their clothes for moment and stick a flower behind their hair. The stovetop bubbles away as the scent of mung beans and lentils drifts across the compound and people join hands to sing about the whale. Moonbeam and Rainbow dance across the untouched earth and more people arrive to surrender their possessions and hug the Sharing Tree. Sound like your town? Probably not, but you don’t have to go all barefoot and altruistic to save the planet. Why not start with your walls?

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Commercial Fabrics to die for

The genie is out of the bottle! Check out the magical properties of our commercial fabrics – they’re durable, stylish and kind to the planet

OK, so you need to revamp your commercial space using high grade fabrics that really hit the mark. Luckily, while rummaging around in the back room you stumble upon the extremely rare Design Genie. Whooooshka! You instantly get three wishes, but where do you start? How can you make all the right choices? What qualities are you going to bestow upon your commercial grade fabrics? At Hume Internationale, we can help you out. Whilst we’ve never actually laid eyes on the genie, we do know that commercial fabrics should be DURABLE, STYLISH and KIND TO THE PLANET. So when you start exploring our commercial fabrics collection, you’re already way ahead of the game!

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5 simple steps for maximising your view

Can somebody fix my vista? How to maximise your fabulous view through clever interior design

So you’re lucky enough to have a view from your stately residence. You gaze out, standing on the other side of an impervious barrier of knick knacks and poorly placed ottomans. Hmmm, you start to wonder if you’ve done justice to this fabulous view. Can things be improved? Can somebody fix your vista?

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Superman and fabrics

What would Superman put on his furniture? That’s easy. That’s CRYPTON.

Superman is a life-saver, but he’s also one messy dude. All that saving-the-planet stuff sure drags the grime and grease inside… and who knows what chemical agents are lurking on that cape? So how does he keep his superhero pad clean, comfortable and stylish? He uses Crypton – a truly amazing, high-tech, environmentally responsible fabric that is clean, green and virtually indestructible.

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