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Outstanding commercial buildings demand amazing finishes

The ambience in your commercial space can bring you lots of joy – and dollars

Got a commercial space? It would be nice to think that your customers are very forgiving and even semi-conscious when it comes to your décor. The reality is that when they enter a commercial space, they are entering a kind of war zone. Every detail has to be carefully planned, delivered within budget and executed with ruthless precision. Hume Internationale can give you a great head start when it comes to this vital competitive edge.

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Vatos Wallcoverings have arrived at Hume Internationale

Its time for change. Hume Internationale is very excited to announce a new manufacturing partnership with Vatos Wallcoverings!

For a long time the Australian retail market has striven for success utilising a small mix of largely German and US manufacturers. It is time for change. We have recently undertaken a search for a range of new manufacturing partnerships the key criteria for selection were: innovation in design, outstanding value, commitment to excellence, and high quality materials. Vatos is the first new manufacturing partnership we have undertaken in a long time and will be one of a number launched this year.

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Join the digital wall revolution

Stand out from the crowd, put a modern mural on your feature wall

At dusk, a thousand zebras come charging over the wide open savannah. A writhing mass of black and white stripes tumbles into sight, then wham, a single individual hits your senses like a sledgehammer. One lone zebra rises up from the herd with an intoxicating blend of yellow and purple checks and a ruby red mane. You could become that individual - all you have to do is take a bold step into the land of modern murals.

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Wallpaper: the new paradigm

Create an exciting interplay between your furniture and your walls, make metal objects melt and disappear just like Oskar Zieta

It was kooky, it was innovative, it was absolutely fascinating. When Polish designer Oskar Zieta put on a show at Sotheby’s, he wanted to challenge his audience to use a fresh perspective. But how? In a stroke of brilliance, he placed a number of carefully selected furnishings inside boxes lined with geometric wallcoverings. He then carved peep holes in the boxes, using various angles to throw off the senses and create reflective surfaces that bucked traditional notions of furniture plus four walls. Oskar Zieta shows how the clever use of wallcoverings, together with selected furniture pieces, can create a lasting impression on your guests, employees or clients.

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Wall Murals - create your own feature

Modern Murals – turn your feature wall into a banquet for the eyes

When it comes to dessert, would you rather a flat bowl of custard - or a spectacular fusion of chocolate, honeycomb, grenache and brittle toffee stacked high on a raspberry coulis? Fat content aside, desserts are meant to be celebrated – and so is your feature wall. That’s why it’s called a FEATURE wall. So why splatter it with custard? Why smother it in a bland coat of uniform paint? These days, you don’t have to settle for a ‘bald wall’ because there’s been a revolution in wall murals. Give your feature wall the attention it deserves by tapping into our range of captivating and innovative wall murals.

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Digital Elements by Rasch Textil

Put the world on your walls with the digital mastery of Elements by Rasch Textil

The world is an amazing place and designers are constantly tapping into its mysteries for inspiration. But what if you could break free of the human component? What if you could capture a scene and transport it directly into your living room or working space? The possibilities are endless - from windblown surf whipping up foam on a desolate shore - to the towering majesty of a modern cityscape rising up into the clouds. Now this fantasy is a reality through the digital mastery of Elements by Rasch. The collection features an impressive range of images captured by the world’s premier artists and photographers – so now you can create the perfect feature wall in your home or business.

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Digital wallcoverings party hard at the Rumor Hotel

Rumor Hotel combines modern art with the bling of Fifty Cent

Las Vegas, the jewel in the desert, is a showcase for that segment of humanity which has ‘checked out’ for the long weekend. The Rumor Hotel is their perfect stay… a new chic resort hotel that’s crammed with edgy style. Designer Mark Tracy got the green light to go wild when decorating this gem, so he made the most of innovative digital wall techniques to create a unique specimen. The result is an untamed beast of a hotel, the ultimate party host in a town fuelled by neon and high living. When you visit this place, you get a first hand glimpse of the endless possibilities created by modern breakthroughs in wallpaper manufacturing. You might also get $10 in gaming chips and a hangover.

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Stunning Modern Digital Walls

An Amazing Collection of Stunning Modern Wallpaper Murals

Giovanni Pagani is an Italian architect and designer who engages in many fields: product and furniture design, interior decoration and architecture to name a few. WE love what he has done in collaboration with Italian firm Wall&Deco…dramatic wallpaper murals that will easily add a wow factor to any room.

With digital the possibilities are endless!

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The design world is embracing digital wallcoverings

There’s only one Rumour worth hearing about in Vegas.

Creative freedom that lasts! Many designers are now leveraging the freedom and durability of digital wallcoverings as evidenced in the fantastic creative designs in the newly revamped Rumour Hotel in Las Vegas.

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If you can imagine it, do it now!

Got a wild imagination? Don’t be shy, put your imagination on show with our digital walls

Ever leafed through a thousand design magazines and still found that inspiration has somehow eluded you? Your long search may be over, because we can release the artist within you and produce some stunning effects with our digital wall coverings. Wow – this is a really exciting option for both commercial and domestic spaces – so let your imagination run free.

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