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Outstanding commercial buildings demand amazing finishes

The ambience in your commercial space can bring you lots of joy – and dollars

Got a commercial space? It would be nice to think that your customers are very forgiving and even semi-conscious when it comes to your décor. The reality is that when they enter a commercial space, they are entering a kind of war zone. Every detail has to be carefully planned, delivered within budget and executed with ruthless precision. Hume Internationale can give you a great head start when it comes to this vital competitive edge.

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Heimtextil trendwatch

Heimtextil trend forecasts are world class

At Hume Internationale, we want to ensure we stay on top of what’s happening in the world of design to better serve our customers. To deliver on this goal, we have to stay across the emerging trends in the world of wallpaper production and design. That’s why we take the time and trouble to pack our bags and fly around the world to find the very best materials for your walls. The Heimtextil Trade Show is a huge event that brings together manufacturers and designers from all corners of the globe. We’ve seen the best in the business, up close and personal. We’ve uncovered the emerging trends in wallpaper design and now we’d like to share that knowledge with you.

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Belbien commercial grade film for any surface

Belbien – the ultimate protective coating for interior and exterior surfaces

Lab technicians are generally perceived as slick-haired nerds with pocket protectors, but every now and then those lovable eggheads throw us a real gem. Belbien is a breakthrough product that has slowly climbed to world fame since it was developed around the time of the Bay City Rollers. Belbien is an extraordinary architectural cladding, a superior vinyl laminate that can be used on internal or external surfaces. It is a perfect protective coating for literally hundreds of surfaces including internal doors, store fixtures, healthcare workstations, steel, glassboard and any building exterior that requires resistance to UV sunlight, rain, snow, ice, smog and other perils of nature.

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3d your walls with Patent wallpaper

Now you can paint your walls in 3D with Patent Décor

Back in the 1990’s, we were shaking our junk to the beat of Beastie Boys, Destiny’s Child and for a short while Hanson (MMM Bop). Then suddenly, we took down our posters of Eminem and Ricky Martin to cover our walls in paint. Monochrome walls were everywhere, huge blocks of neutral colour began paving the way for wall-mounted plasmas and Bose speakers. It seemed that the paintbrush would rule forever, then creative interior design started to claw its way back. Today wallpaper has made a remarkable resurgence, bringing bold new designs and innovative products into the marketplace. But for times when you just have to paint, you can turn to a great product called Patent Décor. It’s a fully paintable range of hearty textures and captivating patterns that can take you way beyond the two dimensional world of flat colour.

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Clever makeover puts wallpaper in places you wouldn’t expect

Wall Lover uses wallpaper to add style to a small space

Christina Coop loves wallpaper. In fact, she gave her Victorian Era apartment a modern makeover through innovative use of wallpaper. She even saves wallpaper scraps and remnants and uses them on all kinds of surfaces in her apartment. To keep her pad interesting and cohesive, she uses different wallpapers in each room but keeps the design and colour scheme fairly consistent. She did such a good job, she was featured in Better Homes & Gardens.

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Newmor commercial grade wallcoverings with looks and guts to boot

Newmor Studio Fabric Backed Vinyl – alarm clock for your sleepy walls

If your commercial premises is having a big lazy snooze, if your hospitality outlet has lost its buzz, if your customers are dozing instead of buzzing, then you need to rethink your decor. Newmor Studio Fabric Backed Vinyl can wake your sleeping walls with engaging designs and colours. Art Deco elements hark back to a classic era of sleek design, whilst modern printing techniques introduce extraordinary lustres and other visual effects to the collection.

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Hume Internationale products are designed for the environment

When it comes to the environment, make the smart choice in decor

Imagine the scene. A fresh cartload of marigolds arrives at the mud hut. The hippies stop weaving their clothes for moment and stick a flower behind their hair. The stovetop bubbles away as the scent of mung beans and lentils drifts across the compound and people join hands to sing about the whale. Moonbeam and Rainbow dance across the untouched earth and more people arrive to surrender their possessions and hug the Sharing Tree. Sound like your town? Probably not, but you don’t have to go all barefoot and altruistic to save the planet. Why not start with your walls?

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Typically French wallcoverings from Rasch Textil

Embrace your inner Parisian with the ‘Un Jour A Versailles’ Wallpaper and Fabrics Collection

You rise from your chaise longue, whack on some Givenchy and clamber into your purring Peugot, scooting down the road to the Matisse exhibition before picking up a Brie de Meaux that can be washed down with a cheeky Krug NV Grande Cuvee. Stop right there – you may be a Francophile! If you embrace all things French – or just admire their natural affinity for style – it’s time to introduce your walls to the stunning collection known as ‘Un Jour A Versailles’ (A Day In Versailles). Meticulously designed by Brigitte von Boch, the collection is a truly beautiful selection of wallcoverings reminiscent of 18th Century Versailles.

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The amazing comeback of wallpaper

The amazing comeback of wallpaper – how it rose from the suburban lime kitchen to rule the world of interior design around the globe

Wallpaper – the maligned millstone that refused to move with the times – that dodgy peeling relic cast to the wind a few decades ago – has made an astonishing comeback in modern times. How could this crusty souvenir of the sixties and seventies claw its way back from obscurity? How did this granny flat icon come back from the dead? And what is the world saying about wallpaper today?

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Wall Murals - create your own feature

Modern Murals – turn your feature wall into a banquet for the eyes

When it comes to dessert, would you rather a flat bowl of custard - or a spectacular fusion of chocolate, honeycomb, grenache and brittle toffee stacked high on a raspberry coulis? Fat content aside, desserts are meant to be celebrated – and so is your feature wall. That’s why it’s called a FEATURE wall. So why splatter it with custard? Why smother it in a bland coat of uniform paint? These days, you don’t have to settle for a ‘bald wall’ because there’s been a revolution in wall murals. Give your feature wall the attention it deserves by tapping into our range of captivating and innovative wall murals.

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