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Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas! Feliz Navidad...

Xmas only comes once a year so we wanted to celebrate the season in song! Thankyou all for your support throughout the year. For all those who have experienced the many cries of help from investors in the Nigerian bank, the purveyors of the many lost and forgotten Chinese products and the charms of the Russian bride community this is not one of these. Click through the link below, settle back and enjoy the tones of Walk Off The Earth celebrating Christmas in Hume style.


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Vatos Wallcoverings have arrived at Hume Internationale

Its time for change. Hume Internationale is very excited to announce a new manufacturing partnership with Vatos Wallcoverings!

For a long time the Australian retail market has striven for success utilising a small mix of largely German and US manufacturers. It is time for change. We have recently undertaken a search for a range of new manufacturing partnerships the key criteria for selection were: innovation in design, outstanding value, commitment to excellence, and high quality materials. Vatos is the first new manufacturing partnership we have undertaken in a long time and will be one of a number launched this year.

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The truth about Hume Internationale Wallcoverings- is what it seems!

A company with a solid history, five simple truths, three core principles

At Hume Internationale, we know that wallpaper has seen good times and tough times. These days, a revolution is happening in home decor that is bringing fresh products into the marketplace and changing the way we think about our walls. Whether you are looking to revitalise a residential or commercial space, we’ve got your walls covered. We have the products, we have the passion, we have the expertise. So when it comes to contemporary or classic decor for the walls that surround you, there’s no better choice than Hume Internationale

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Hume Internationale are proven wallcovering performers

Ready to decorate? In a world of flashing lights and crazy marketing, why choose Hume Internationale?

It’s an exciting time when you set out to transform your home, office, restaurant, hotel, retail outlet or marine vessel. But how do you find the right products, the right people, the right advice and the right level of customer service? You could scour the nation and slowly assemble a jigsaw puzzle of helpful places and faces - or you can tick all the boxes in one easy step with Hume Internationale. We have a wonderful range, we have the expertise, we have a passion for customer service and we won’t rest until you achieve your vision.

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Hume Internationale saves the day

Hume, the company with a red cape and stain-resistant body-stocking…

The room is pitch black, only the echo of a dripping tap splits the silence. The walls are bare and cracked, bristling with a furry green mildew. Style and elegance have vanished from this place, only a motley collection of mismatched tones has survived. But there is hope in the darkness. Somewhere out there a superhero is circling, waiting to descend into renovating hell and unleash a special kind of magic that will wash all your troubles away. Is there such a force in today’s world? A company committed to finding innovative solutions for every challenge, a company willing to go the extra distance to ensure complete customer satisfaction? Yes, its name is Hume Internationale.

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Hume Internationale Wallcoverings a survivor in a tough industry

Hume – how we survived hot pants and bell bottomed trousers

Hume Internationale has been in the wallcovering business since 1971. Back then, things were very different. Evonne Goolagong and John Newcombe ruled Wimbledon. Billy McMahon took control of the country, whilst Ian Chappell took control of the baggy greens. The TV bristled with new talent as we watched Homicide, Get Smart, Hogan’s Heroes, Dad’s Army, The Partridge Family, Pick A Box and Young Talent Time. Eagle Rock was number one for 10 weeks, Olivia Newton John released her first album and John Farnham was a rising star. Greenpeace and Federal Express opened their doors and the world’s first microprocessor was launched. Movie goers flocked to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Fiddler On The Roof, A Clockwork Orange and Dirty Harry. The average wage was $6,497 and a bottle of Grange Hermitage cost around $7. Amidst all this commotion, Hume Internationale was born and continues to evolve today.

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Terry Clark Wallpaper legend

Would you send your most experienced employees into outer space?

When NASA wanted to recruit a fresh squadron of astronauts a few years ago, they made sure all the applicants were aware of the expectations. Their job ad featured the following line: “The position requires extensive travel. Possible destinations may include - but are not limited to - Texas, Florida, California, Russia, Kazakhstan, the International Space Station and the moon.” At Hume Internationale, all of our employees have thankfully remained on earth - and they know we expect the very best. That’s why we work with Terry Clark, our long-serving industry guru in the sunshine state.

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Peter Brotherton- wallpaper legend

What has over 30 years experience, but remains fresh as a daisy?

Amazingly, it’s a sales manager. But not any sales manager. Peter Brotherton is the Sales Manager at Hume Internationale. We prefer to call him seasoned, rather than ancient. That’s a good thing too, because what he doesn’t know about wallpaper hasn’t been written yet. Peter has seen it all and remains joyously enthusiastic about the design possibilities that today’s wallpaper can bring to your next project. His expertise and passion are part of the extra service you get when dealing with Hume Internationale. We’re proud to have him, and he’s proud to be part of our great company.

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Wallpaper collections are continually changing

Toss the domestic beer, our new season collections have arrived!

Hume Internationale is excited, so excited that we’ve ditched the slab of XXXX Gold from the company fridge. We’re making way for the good stuff… a case or two of Louis Roederer Cristal or perhaps a rare half-dozen bottles of Krug Clos Du Mesnil. Why are we raising the bar in our recreation room? Hume’s new season collections have arrived and they are truly stunning. So grab a glass of your favourite tipple (be it Tattinger or Stone’s Green Ginger Wine), then settle back and check out the list of great new arrivals from Marburg, Rasch-Textil, Belacol and Brewster.

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Wallpaper hangers praise Hume

Hume wins high praise from master wallhangers at Decoroll

Climbing Mount Everest, winning the America’s Cup, mapping the human genome, building the International Space Station, squeezing out the very last bit of toothpaste without splitting the tube. These amazing feats all come with their own set of daunting challenges, but each hurdle must be overcome to achieve victory. Hume Internationale has ridden the peaks and troughs of the wallpapering industry for years, but has emerged with a sterling reputation and a vast reserve of expertise. Just ask the master wallhangers at Decoroll, who know a winning combination when they see it.

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