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Villanova wallpaper by Marburg that delivers style by the bucket load

Villanova - make a lasting connection with your swanky urban walls

Proud Magazine, the online luxury and lifestyle magazine based in Switzerland, is at the cutting edge of modern trend research. And there’s an interesting development sweeping the globe. All over the world, it seems, people are rethinking their way of life. Simplicity and sustainability are no longer abstract desires, they are concepts that belong to everyday life. City dwellers are looking for products they can relate to every day, decor that allows them to build an emotional and tactile connection. Villanova by Marburg fits the bill perfectly, boasting refined materials and textured surfaces that are highly characteristic of modern home decor trends.

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Hume Internationale products are designed for the environment

When it comes to the environment, make the smart choice in decor

Imagine the scene. A fresh cartload of marigolds arrives at the mud hut. The hippies stop weaving their clothes for moment and stick a flower behind their hair. The stovetop bubbles away as the scent of mung beans and lentils drifts across the compound and people join hands to sing about the whale. Moonbeam and Rainbow dance across the untouched earth and more people arrive to surrender their possessions and hug the Sharing Tree. Sound like your town? Probably not, but you don’t have to go all barefoot and altruistic to save the planet. Why not start with your walls?

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Villanova wallpaper triumphs over the urban jungle

If you prefer texture over tea-cosy, snakeskin over scone, vogue over viagra… then sink your teeth into the Villanova Collection by Marburg

The urban jungle is not for everyone, it takes a special breed of cat to build an island of serenity amidst the swirling maelstrom of metropolitan living. The exotic charms of inner city life can be truly intoxicating, but your abode has to keep pace with its surroundings. You’ll need a décor that’s capable of matching your lifestyle, one imbued with chic elegance and a sultry sophistication. Hume Internationale can give your walls the right kind of attributes, an intoxicating blend of modish design and sensual touch. It’s all been built into the exciting Villanova Collection by Marburg.

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Commercial Fabrics to die for

The genie is out of the bottle! Check out the magical properties of our commercial fabrics – they’re durable, stylish and kind to the planet

OK, so you need to revamp your commercial space using high grade fabrics that really hit the mark. Luckily, while rummaging around in the back room you stumble upon the extremely rare Design Genie. Whooooshka! You instantly get three wishes, but where do you start? How can you make all the right choices? What qualities are you going to bestow upon your commercial grade fabrics? At Hume Internationale, we can help you out. Whilst we’ve never actually laid eyes on the genie, we do know that commercial fabrics should be DURABLE, STYLISH and KIND TO THE PLANET. So when you start exploring our commercial fabrics collection, you’re already way ahead of the game!

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Reconnect with nature - Wood wall coverings by Gilford

If you go down in the woods today, it’s no teddy bear’s picnic!

Humans have a primeval attachment to the forest, so it’s no surprise that more and more designers are turning to the natural warmth of wood. But timber is expensive and using wood in a large commercial space can limit the options available in your renovation. But now you can live out your dream of conducting business in a Nordic woodland setting or a steamy jungle dotted with snarling jaguars. How? Well it’s all possible through an amazing product that gives you great flexibility at a realistic price… the stunning collection of Wood-On-Walls by Gilford.

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Our commercial vinyls really shine

Why our commercial wallpaper really relates to Hot August Night

It was Thursday August 24, 1972, when Neil Diamond stepped onto the stage at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The live show was captured in the history-making album Hot August Night, which featured truly belting songs like Crunchy Granola Suite, Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry, Sweet Caroline and more. But what does this iconic record have to do with our range of commercial grade wallpaper? One little word… VINYL. If you operate a commercial space that needs a fresh, stylish, but ultimately durable surface, you can’t beat our range of vinyl-backed wallcoverings.

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Walls can be eco friendly

Put down that tambourine - you don’t have to be a ‘hippie’ to save the earth!

They sing songs, they hold hands, they are careful about what they do to mother earth. But you don’t have to be a hippie play your part. You can make big changes to your interior design AND be kind to the environment with the exciting range of eco-friendly wall coverings we’ve sourced from our German suppliers.

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CRAKGON provides a waterproof seal to flat roof surfaces

CRAKGON conquers water leaks in Canadian flat roof surfaces

In this the fourth of a series of case studies on CRAKGON we demonstrate the amazing ability of CRAKGON to provide a waterproof seal even in the most extreme situations. Replacing the need for bitumenised roofing.

Simply Paint it on and the roof is waterproof!

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Wallcoverings and the Environment - Our German Suppliers deliver

The Environment deserves our German suppliers

The wallcovering industry takes a very serious perspective on the environmental impact of its products, has worked hard over the years to overcome the challenges it presents. Our German suppliers conform to the RAL and now the new European CE standards that determine the goods we buy are “safe” from an environmental perspective.

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