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CRAKGON prevents pressure cracking

CRAKGON handles the pressure cracks in Singapore’s high rise buildings

CRAKGON is an amazing product, capable of restoring damaged surfaces and reinforcing them for years to come. Technically, it’s a non-woven tissue of randomly dispersed continuous C-glass fibres, but we simply know it as the product you turn to when the cracks start to appear. Government officials in Singapore can testify to the product’s effectiveness, as a case study has revealed the tremendous healing properties of CRAKGON when applied to the island nation’s high rise buildings. See the results and imagine what this high quality product can do for your own walls.

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The amazing surface healing properties of CRAKGON

CRAKGON continues to amaze decorators with its healing properties

CALL THE WALL DOCTOR! The witch doctor? No, the wall doctor. If your walls are cracked, blistering, peeling and flaking, don’t mess around with half-hearted cures. You need a swift injection of CRAKGON, the amazing product that repairs and restores . How can you decorate when your walls look like a hard night out on the turps? How can you inject style and sophistication when your walls look like they’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson? In the old days you’d spend hours just getting them back into shape, but with CRAKGON you can solve any number of surface problems. You can simply paint all those defects into oblivion with a highly resistant protective barrier that shields your walls for years.

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Love your walls with CRAKGON

We age, we wrinkle, but your walls can stay young with CRAKGON

Do you have tired interior or exterior walls that are showing their age? Are you starting to see hairline plaster cracks, rising damp, mould and mildew? Do you sit and wonder how your walls can be restored quickly and efficiently, without creating an environmental disaster to rival the Exxon Valdez? Then salvation is at hand through the amazing reinforcing product known as CRAKGON. Simply paint it on to create a highly impervious, abrasion resistant, hygienic and long lasting barrier that allows the wall to breathe. This revolutionary moisture resistant tissue will strengthen your walls and give you the flexibility you need to get on with your renovation or interior design project.

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CRAKGON fascia board makeovers last

CRAKGON is likely to outlast the tree the timber came from.

In this the eighth of a series of case studies on CRAKGON we explain how a CRAKGON exterior surface repair lasts and last. Once its fixed it stays fixed with CRAKGON

Simply Paint it on, problem solved for at least 12 years!

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CRAKGON eliminates mould and mildew

CRAKGON cures home sickness!

In this the seventh of a series of case studies on CRAKGON we explain how CRAKGON cures an addiciton to mould and mildew without a seven step process. In the process CRAKGON delivers a health home, free of spores and allergens.

Simply Paint it on and the mould and mildew is gone!

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Say goodbye to cracked walls

Say goodbye to cracked walls with the amazing surface repair product called CRAKGON®

Cracks, the painter’s nightmare that just won’t go away… until now. CRAKGON® is changing the way that professional and DIY painters attack the problem of cracks. CRAKGON® is a fine glass fibre film that covers problem areas and can be painted over to create a lasting barrier for interior and exterior conditions. It’s safe, easy to use and available now from Hume Internationale.

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CRAKGON solves pressure cracks

CRAKGON handles the pressure in Singaporean high rise buildings!

In this the sixth of a series of case studies on CRAKGON we demonstrate the amazing ability of CRAKGON to perform in extreme situations. CRAKGON on its own lowered building failure rates from 50% to 5%!

Simply Paint it on and the cracks are gone!

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CRAKGON great adhesion, non slip characteristics

CRAKGON repels rain in Singaporean car parks

In this the fifth of a series of case studies on CRAKGON we demonstrate the amazing ability of CRAKGON to find solutions to problems it never even knew it had.

Simply Paint it on and the surface is non-slip!

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CRAKGON provides a waterproof seal to flat roof surfaces

CRAKGON conquers water leaks in Canadian flat roof surfaces

In this the fourth of a series of case studies on CRAKGON we demonstrate the amazing ability of CRAKGON to provide a waterproof seal even in the most extreme situations. Replacing the need for bitumenised roofing.

Simply Paint it on and the roof is waterproof!

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CRAKGON prevents paint peeling

CRAKGON® conquers an oil tank farm

In the third of a series of case studies on CRAKGON® we will allow you to explore the product and it’s unique surface adhesion capabilities on slick metal surfaces. There truly is nothing like it.

Simply Paint it on and the cracks are gone!

Oil Storage tanks have to use exotic paints to get the paint to stick or do they….

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