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Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas! Feliz Navidad...

Xmas only comes once a year so we wanted to celebrate the season in song! Thankyou all for your support throughout the year. For all those who have experienced the many cries of help from investors in the Nigerian bank, the purveyors of the many lost and forgotten Chinese products and the charms of the Russian bride community this is not one of these. Click through the link below, settle back and enjoy the tones of Walk Off The Earth celebrating Christmas in Hume style.


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Outstanding commercial buildings demand amazing finishes

The ambience in your commercial space can bring you lots of joy – and dollars

Got a commercial space? It would be nice to think that your customers are very forgiving and even semi-conscious when it comes to your décor. The reality is that when they enter a commercial space, they are entering a kind of war zone. Every detail has to be carefully planned, delivered within budget and executed with ruthless precision. Hume Internationale can give you a great head start when it comes to this vital competitive edge.

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Vatos Wallcoverings have arrived at Hume Internationale

Its time for change. Hume Internationale is very excited to announce a new manufacturing partnership with Vatos Wallcoverings!

For a long time the Australian retail market has striven for success utilising a small mix of largely German and US manufacturers. It is time for change. We have recently undertaken a search for a range of new manufacturing partnerships the key criteria for selection were: innovation in design, outstanding value, commitment to excellence, and high quality materials. Vatos is the first new manufacturing partnership we have undertaken in a long time and will be one of a number launched this year.

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Heimtextil trendwatch

Heimtextil trend forecasts are world class

At Hume Internationale, we want to ensure we stay on top of what’s happening in the world of design to better serve our customers. To deliver on this goal, we have to stay across the emerging trends in the world of wallpaper production and design. That’s why we take the time and trouble to pack our bags and fly around the world to find the very best materials for your walls. The Heimtextil Trade Show is a huge event that brings together manufacturers and designers from all corners of the globe. We’ve seen the best in the business, up close and personal. We’ve uncovered the emerging trends in wallpaper design and now we’d like to share that knowledge with you.

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Glam and Glory wallpaper by Rasch Textil

Glam & Glory Collection offers a wonderful synthesis of style and history

Rome is a city that is both beguiling and unique. This ancient city finds itself today at the forefront of vogue design and sophisticated style, hallmarks of the fascinating Glam & Glory Collection from Rasch Textil. Italian chic is everywhere… in the fashion, in the architecture, in the blood. Now this hotbed of modernism has inspired an exciting collection of wallcoverings that draws on both the glam of contemporary living and the glory of the past. It’s a striking balance that gives the collection great dexterity and universal appeal.

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3d your walls with Patent wallpaper

Now you can paint your walls in 3D with Patent Décor

Back in the 1990’s, we were shaking our junk to the beat of Beastie Boys, Destiny’s Child and for a short while Hanson (MMM Bop). Then suddenly, we took down our posters of Eminem and Ricky Martin to cover our walls in paint. Monochrome walls were everywhere, huge blocks of neutral colour began paving the way for wall-mounted plasmas and Bose speakers. It seemed that the paintbrush would rule forever, then creative interior design started to claw its way back. Today wallpaper has made a remarkable resurgence, bringing bold new designs and innovative products into the marketplace. But for times when you just have to paint, you can turn to a great product called Patent Décor. It’s a fully paintable range of hearty textures and captivating patterns that can take you way beyond the two dimensional world of flat colour.

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Join the digital wall revolution

Stand out from the crowd, put a modern mural on your feature wall

At dusk, a thousand zebras come charging over the wide open savannah. A writhing mass of black and white stripes tumbles into sight, then wham, a single individual hits your senses like a sledgehammer. One lone zebra rises up from the herd with an intoxicating blend of yellow and purple checks and a ruby red mane. You could become that individual - all you have to do is take a bold step into the land of modern murals.

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Mystique X elegant wallpaper by Brewster

Homespun elegance is the key to the Mystique X wallpaper collection by Brewster

You can almost hear the sea spray racing off a Long island beach, whipping up to meet the grand old homes on the North Shore of Nassau County. These old money estates carry distant echoes of the grace and sophistication of a bygone era. Their high walls are wrapped in the subtle florals and warm tones reproduced in the Mystique X Collection from Brewster, the logical successor to the Mystique IX range that so embodied the rural charms of American living.

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‘at home’ wallpaper collection by Marburg

The ‘at home’ collection is soothing, sophisticated and super stylish

Marburg has done it again… produced a wallpaper range that infuses all the best elements of modern and classic design. The ‘at home’ collection is a masterpiece of interior design, a truly inspired blend of traditional and contemporary standards that will sit perfectly in both residential and professional settings. The collection can make a room glow using a skilful interplay with natural light.

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Wallpaper walls with timber naturally

Get back to nature with the Wood On Walls [WOW] Collection by Gilford

Fancy a wine by the pine? A cold coke by the oak? Do your knees go weak when surrounded by teak? Sounds like you’re longing to get back to nature. But how do you introduce real timber into your interior design without compromising your environmental principles? Now there’s a way, thanks to the Wood On Walls Collection – the carefully selected timber veneer range from Gilford.

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