Tovosoft EN

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Ultrasoft – like being on a bed of clouds

If we stick to the trends presented in “Global Fusion,” the upholstery fabric skai® Tovosoft EN clearly belongs to the “SOUL” topic. This chapter in the Trend Book focuses on people with their emotions and desire for slowing down. It is quite clear that the aspect of well-being plays an important role. And here the name says it all, because the artificial leather not only has a high functionality, but above all is incredibly comfortable. True to the motto: soft, softer, skai® Tovosoft EN The soft feel is achieved by a voluminous flow effect created with the aid of a fascinating honeycomb structure. The result: the material invites you to touch and relax. But be careful: some people may not want to stand up again. Visually, skai® Tovosoft EN harmonizes perfectly with the feel. This means that the color range is soft and focuses on nude, beige and earth tones, which emphasize the natural sensuality of the material and thus bring calm and serenity to interior design. And the inner values of the artificial leather are also convincing: with a high abrasion resistance, fastness to light and freedom from phthalates as well as flame retardancy, the material is also suitable for a wide range of different applications thanks to an extremely tear-resistant textile substrate made of recycled polyester fibers, the feel-good factor is preprogrammed.