Totexo EN

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Welcome to the Future

skai® Totexo EN is the third product in the trio of innovations. It breaks new ground visually. How? With a textile grain that, thanks to its fascinating matt-gloss effect, creates an elegant look with a technical-futuristic appeal. Accordingly the color range is electrifying and spacey – perfect for bringing a touch of tomorrow into today’s interior design. With these characteristics, the surface fits ideally with the “TECH” chapter within the “Global Fusion” trend book, because here a look into the future is taken: dazzling, dramatic, vitalizing. If skai® Totexo EN is definitely a little “out of the box” visually, it presents itself as absolutely down-to-earth in terms of content. Thus, it convinces with a high abrasion resistance as well as fastness to light and freedom from phthalates. This product also benefits from an extremely tear-resistant textile substrate made from recycled polyester fibers. In total, all these aspects ensure that this futuristic material will continue to look like new for a long time to come.