Focus Royal

Focus Royal Screen Topbar 725x215px ver1


Focus Royal is a duo-toned, melange 100% wool fabric with an expressive texture and an irregular structure that gives the fabric an exclusive look. Geometric and organic at the same time, the texture instantly catches the eye, even from a distance, and brings an extra dimension to the shape of furniture.

Human-centered office design

Focus Royal is the perfect fit for upholstery of soft seating furniture and task chairs. With its lightly felted soft, woollen touch and crafted expression, it is made for office landscapes and flexible, activity-based spaces that put the human experience at the heart of the design.

Woollen qualities

Made from high-quality wool like the other Focus fabrics, Focus Royal offers superior aesthetic and functional properties, including excellent durability, beautiful, long-lasting colours and an appealing woolly touch. Designed with body and weight, Focus Royal offers excellent upholstery properties and is the perfect choice for premium soft seating and task seating solutions.

Create new colour harmonies

No matter whether you are looking to create bold, expressive interiors or prefer a more soft and subtle colour scale, Focus Royal has it all. The palette comprises 34 colour options that span the entire spectrum from architectural greys to lilac and peach tones, variations of green, powerful red, yellows and warm browns. Across the Focus family, shades and tones beautifully complement each other and allow for the creation of new and intriguing harmonies.