Lense Screen Topbar 725x215px



  • Two-toned brick pattern
  • 3D optical effect
  • Clean & elegant design
  • Matt & satiny feel
  • No fraying – easy to cut
  • Excellent stretch
  • Strong & durable
  • Mono-material
  • Recycled & recyclable
  • 100% recyclable polyester
Lense is a knitted, mono-material and 100% recyclable polyester fabric characterised by a two-toned brick pattern that draws its inspiration from virtual realms and digital spaces. The pattern’s clean, elegant lines create a captivating 3D optical effect that adds depth to the fabric surface and create a quiet, yet dynamic aesthetic expression.

Create a soft, futuristic feel

With its elegant 3D design, matt, satiny feel and high abrasion performance, Lense is designed for upholstery of task chairs. The fabric design complements various interior design schemes and brings a soft, futuristic feel to all types of office spaces – from personal workstation areas to activity-based spaces, meeting rooms, and work-from-home offices.

Refreshing colours

Inspired by both physical and digital spheres, the 36 Lense colours offer a balanced blend of natural shades combined with soft bright tones with an opalescent, tech twist – from browns, greys, and greens to digital yellow, lilac, and coral. The vibrant colours in the palette are softened by the two-toned pattern, creating a colour scale with a quiet, positive, and refreshing expression.

Recycled & recyclable

Made from 55% post-consumer recycled polyester and 45% virgin polyester, Lense is a mono-material and 100% recyclable fabric designed with the environment in mind. With its content of recycled polyester, Lense offers a lower environmental impact than fabrics made from virgin polyester only. The fabric’s environmental credentials are further documented by the product labels EU Ecolabel and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.   Lense Body animate 680x220px ver2

No-fray, easy-to-use fabric

Thanks to its knitted texture, Lense offers excellent stretch performance. The fabric’s inherent flexibility makes it easy to work with and ensures that it covers well on all types of shapes and designs. The fabric’s fraying-free construction also simplifies the upholstering process, making the fabric easy to cut and handle during production.

Prolonging the life of furniture

With a Martindale score of 110,000, Lense is a durable, long-lasting fabric that easily withstands the wear and tear of office life. Keeping its attractive appearance over time, Lense prolongs the life of furniture and reduces the need for redecorating. Effectively camouflaging accidental stains, the two-toned design also increases the longevity of the fabric.