Capture Screen Topbar 725x215px


  • Lightly felted, multi-coloured wool
  • Refined melange pattern
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Rich and imaginative tones
  • Feel-good factor
  • Excellent stretch & easy to work with
  • Superior wear resistance
With its soft and comfortable, woollen texture, handcrafted, organic feel, and rich and imaginative colours, Capture is designed to evoke positive feelings, bringing well-being and the human factor into the workspace.
Capture is a lightly felted, multi-coloured wool upholstery fabric, fusing light and dark colours to create a refined, yet lively, melange pattern and an inviting, positive vibe. It offers a beautifully rugged texture that gives the fabric a handcrafted, organic feel and creates a comfortable tactility. With its focus on positive sensory experiences, Capture brings feel-good factor and well-being into the workplace and is ideal for activity-based spaces for collaboration, work, relaxation, and everything in between. Capture Screen Be inspired Body 806x529px ver1 680x849

Exceptional longevity

Combining excellent wear resistance, consistent comfort, and timeless appeal, Capture offers exceptional longevity that prolongs the life of furniture. With excellent inherent stretch, Capture is easy to work with and adapts easily to fit all types of task chairs and soft seating designs.  

Rich and imaginative tones

Capture’s versatile colour scale encompasses 59 rich, imaginative tones with a poetic, romantic feel that sets a positive mood in the workplace and creates an uplifting ambience.  Spanning warm and cool colours, soft and mid-tones, the colour scale includes blue shades for serenity and calmness, warm oranges that infuse the space with positive energy, and delicate yellow hues, celebrating the lightness of being.

Merge with diverse materials

Capture effortlessly merges with a versatile range of materials, making it easy to integrate into various interiors and furniture designs. Whether paired with different wood types, golden metals, or light and dark marble elements, the colours of Capture create intriguing contrast, complement, and enhance the material choice of any furniture piece and interior scheme. Capture Screen Be inspired Body 806x529px ver4 680x446