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Wood wallcoverings - real wood real walls at a fraction of the price

Looking for a natural timber wallcovering that’ll make you go WOW?

We live in fast-paced, pre-packaged, pre-fabricated days. No time to stop and smell the roses, no time to gaze at your navel, no time to sit alone and soak up the ambience of a room. If you want the smell of cut grass on a lazy afternoon, it can be manufactured. If you want a shirt you never have to iron, there’s a factory that can do it. So it’s no wonder that many interior designers are turning back to nature for inspiration, but it’s a double-edged sword. How do embrace the warmth and texture of natural wood without the painstaking effort and environmental cost? It’s easy, just go for the innovative product called Wood On Wall (WOW).

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Wallpaper walls with timber naturally

Get back to nature with the Wood On Walls [WOW] Collection by Gilford

Fancy a wine by the pine? A cold coke by the oak? Do your knees go weak when surrounded by teak? Sounds like you’re longing to get back to nature. But how do you introduce real timber into your interior design without compromising your environmental principles? Now there’s a way, thanks to the Wood On Walls Collection – the carefully selected timber veneer range from Gilford.

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Hume Internationale products are designed for the environment

When it comes to the environment, make the smart choice in decor

Imagine the scene. A fresh cartload of marigolds arrives at the mud hut. The hippies stop weaving their clothes for moment and stick a flower behind their hair. The stovetop bubbles away as the scent of mung beans and lentils drifts across the compound and people join hands to sing about the whale. Moonbeam and Rainbow dance across the untouched earth and more people arrive to surrender their possessions and hug the Sharing Tree. Sound like your town? Probably not, but you don’t have to go all barefoot and altruistic to save the planet. Why not start with your walls?

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Reconnect with nature - Wood wall coverings by Gilford

If you go down in the woods today, it’s no teddy bear’s picnic!

Humans have a primeval attachment to the forest, so it’s no surprise that more and more designers are turning to the natural warmth of wood. But timber is expensive and using wood in a large commercial space can limit the options available in your renovation. But now you can live out your dream of conducting business in a Nordic woodland setting or a steamy jungle dotted with snarling jaguars. How? Well it’s all possible through an amazing product that gives you great flexibility at a realistic price… the stunning collection of Wood-On-Walls by Gilford.

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