Diversity Murals

Under the slogan "Variety is the spice of life" Patricia Bustos Studio launches her first collection of wallpaper through Tres Tintas. About to start 2020, our lives are dizzying, confusing, light, frivolous, yet full of challenges. We are not sure of anything but believe in what we see, guided by intuition. We push limits with the certainty that something else is possible. New opportunities await us; a better version of ourselves exists. We live with our feet on the ground, but we reach for the stars. Our aesthetic proposal is a song to DIVERSITY and freedom. Immerse yourself in a universe of different patterns; polychrome geometries, natural motifs, light reflections that illuminate our path and handmade drawings. DIVERSITY is a complex collection when experienced by our minds, but simple when felt through our hearts. We must aspire to the different and the exceptional, value but reinvent tradition. If you adapt, you evolve. If you change, you grow. Change by way of DIVERSITY: in it rests balance; in it lies true creative spirit.