VyP Nappa

The innovative material laif® VyP represents the next generation of breathable, water vapor permeable fabric materials. The product has been engineered for intense work environments that involve prolonged sitting. The material has a number of unique qualities


Thanks to its breathable surface, laif® VyP sets new standards for comfort. No matter how long you sit, it isn’t sticky or unpleasant.

Air and water permeability

laif® VyP is air and water-vapor permeable. It makes sitting more comfortable than ever before removing heat and moisture from the surface of the vinyl

Softness of the surface

laif® VyP is particularly comfortable to sit on due to its extremely soft, supple surface. It maintains its pleasant feel even after extended sitting.

Leather look

The high-quality look and the feel of the upholstery material are part of the reason that laif® VyP is used on a variety of furniture and always looks good. Its genuine leather look and particularly pleasant feel combine a high-quality “look and feel” with a high degree of functionality.