Factory V

Rough materials, an angular and masculine look, striking design languages. All these characteristics, together with a minimalist appearance without any frills or chichi, characterise the industrial look, which is still very much in vogue. But even for those who don't call an old factory hall their home, this dream home can be achieved with a few tricks of the trade. With the new Factory V collection, a strong and raw industrial character with a large portion of homeliness is immediately established. The different materials here become innovative wall decorations and once again surprise us with how versatile they can be used and always look damn good. Whether brick in a herringbone-pattern, concrete block for the masonry, flamed wood, decorative metal panels with traces of rust or fine Carrara marble slabs made – these wallpapers turn your home into a living dream with an industrial atmosphere. The large selection of non-woven wallpapers and murals is presented in muted, earthy beige and brown tones, rusty red nuances, muted green as well as in the predominant colours white, grey, anthracite and black. However, gold and silver with a great glossy effect are also available for all those who do not want to completely forego glamour despite the desired industrial charm.