The new label "Emil & Hugo" by Rasch Textil is a tribute to the founding fathers of the wallpaper factory of the very same name. Their sensitivity to the trends of the times and the new spirit of Art Deco, coupled with the essential pioneering spirit, gave the family business its typical design and colour affinity at a very early stage in its development. With the ZANZIBAR collection – the premiere of the "Emil & Hugo" brand – we commence on a journey around the world in search of the finest designs. The Zanzibar archipelago, formerly known as Spice Islands, is the gateway to the Indian Ocean thanks to the influences of numerous cultures and offers creative people a wealth of inspiration. We have been inspired by the cultural and natural richness and have seasoned it with the spirit of the times. Join us in our search for the legendary Zanzibar leopard. Decorate your walls with precious textures and sensual patterns. Let go and savour elegant forms of sophisticated exoticism. Sit back and be surprised by the stories of the designs. The collection includes 41 non-woven wallpapers and 8 digital designs with a coloristic focus in: Saffron yellow, coral red, petrol, sage green, warm grey, stonewashed indigo, sand, smoke blue, slate grey and emerald green.