Rami is constructed using a combination of a natural bast fibre ramie and wool. The Ramie fibre is one of the oldest known natural fibres and has been found in the shrouds used to wrap Egyptian mummies. The plant, which has natural antibacterial and flame-retardant properties, is also known as China grass and is related to the nettle family. Both the ramie fibre and wool have excellent moisture-absorbing properties, particularly suitable for environments that are prone to static electricity problems. Mixing the matt wool yarn with the shimmering ramie fibre creates an exciting combination. The two different yarns result in an irregular surface full of slubs and tonal colour variation which read as natural characteristic irregularities. The yarns absorb colour dye differently, offering the fabric lustre, depth and life. Any irregularities are a natural characteristic of the fabric. The Rami collection contains 40 colours.