Hello RE Norshield

Hello RE NordShield has an invisible, but physical barrier against bacteria. The NordShield-treatment physically inhibits the build-up of bacteria on the surface of the fibres and prevents the development of unwanted pathogens. Hello RE NordShield upholstery fabric is woven in 100% recycled flame retardant polyester. This means it is a sustainable, durable, forgiving fabric, washable at 60 degrees. Almost monochrome from a distance, the speckled colour combinations leap into life on approach. Hello RE is yarn-dyed, providing a beautiful interplay between warp and weft. The way in which the weave is perceived differs widely depending on the colours chosen. Strong contrasts bring out the tightly woven pattern; other combinations flow into each other, making the colours vibrate. Thanks to its straightforward expression, Hello RE is not only easy to combine, but easy to like.