Focus Melange

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Focus Melange is a woven felt upholstery fabric made of 100% premium quality worsted wool. Distinguished by a unique ultra-soft and satiny touch, superior strength, and a modern colour scheme, the fabric reinvents the iconic felt texture and brings it into the future.

Ultra-soft worsted yarn

The fabric’s ultra-softness and pleasant non-prickly feel are attributable to the high-quality worsted yarn and careful production processes. We treat the wool with respect through all production stages to protect its natural softness, and do not use chemical treatments or dyes that compromise the softness of the wool fibres.

Exceptional strength & durability

With a rating of 100,000 Martindale Focus Melange offers an exceptional strength and durability which is unique for a 100% wool fabric. The fabric gets its superior strength from the long-staple worsted wool which ensures that the fabric does not pill and remains attractive over time regardless of wear and tear.

Vibrant & symmetric melanges

The broad colour palette is based on eight contemporary colour trends and encompasses 43 vibrant melanges. Weaved with warp and weft yarn of the same thickness, the melange expression is symmetric and harmonious, and the premium quality wool forms the perfect base for long-lasting, beautiful colours without impurities. The vibrant melanges span modest neutrals, light an airy shades, warm golden tones, soft dusty pinks, energetic greens, dark earth-inspired tones, vibrant blues and reds. The palette also encompasses a range of intriguing in-between colours and mid-tones that attract the eye and pique curiosity. The versatile colour scale unlocks creativity and is the perfect accompaniment for the clean, solid colours of felt fabric Focus. Together, the two fabrics offer a total of 77 colours that open up a world of mix and match options and inspire exciting designs and colour fusions.

Creating enhanced well-being

Ultra-soft and comfortable in use Focus Melange aims to create pleasant user experiences. It brings a warm, welcoming feel to all types of environments and contributes to feel-good moments and enhanced well-being in everyday work situations.

All-natural & sustainable

Made from 100% recyclable, biodegradable wool and completely free from harmful chemicals, Focus Melange is an all-natural, sustainable fabric that encourages greener consumption, contributes to a cleaner environment and to safe and healthy indoor spaces. Focus Melange is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified and carries the EU Ecolabel.