Beyond Loop

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Beyond Loop is a pioneering innovation in upholstery textiles based on textile-to-textile recycling and deeply rooted in circular thinking. Made from a blend of recycled textile waste and post-consumer recycled polyester, this innovative approach allows textile waste to retain its value and enables it to be continuously recycled within an infinite closed loop – from textile to textile to textile.

Phygital design

Beyond Loop draws inspiration from the concept of phygital design, blending physical and digital elements to bridge the gap between the two realms. The textile and its design are specifically aimed at task chairs, lounge furniture and everything in between in premium interior environments. Beyond Loop Body main 680x680.jpg

Enlivening furniture

When upholstered on furniture, the colours and the shimmering metallic effect of Beyond Loop truly come to life. On organic shapes and designs, the textile integrates with the dynamic shape of the furniture piece, adding an extra dimension and transforming its expression from every angle, depending on the play of light.

Vibrant metallic effect

Beyond Loop is a circular-knitted textile with an intriguing design, featuring a black front side and a coloured reverse side. The perforated, transparent texture of the textile’s black front allows the colour of the reverse side to shine through, creating a myriad of tiny dots that collectively form an ever-changing metallic effect and evoke a futuristic expression. Beyond Loop Body closeup3 680x680.jpg

Captivating interplay of colours

The colour palette of Beyond Loop encompasses eight colours, carefully selected to create the most beautiful interplay with the black front side and the most captivating effect. The palette comprises warm, golden tones that create an almost silver and bronze-like effect, as well as vibrant accent hues that emanate a luminous, digital effect.

Environmental & functional excellence

Crafted to meet the highest standards of design and quality, Beyond Loop offers the same level of aesthetic, environmental, and functional excellence as any other Gabriel textile regardless of its content of textile waste. Fray-free and with excellent stretch, Beyond Loop is easy to cut and easy to use for upholstery. Beyond Loop is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and EU Ecolabel certified.