Athlon Plus

Athlon 6898


In the Industrial Revolution, work moved from fields to factories. Today, we are facing equal fundamental changes to the way we live and work. Technological and social forces are transforming the workplace, shaping how and when we work, and even what work looks like in the future.
Optimised performance Athlon and Athlon Plus are knitted, high-performance polyester fabrics designed to meet the demands of next-generation office furniture. The fabrics are strong and durable with a rating of 100,000 Martindale, and a three-layered design that creates a thick, voluminous texture and a soft feel that add significantly to the comfort and support of any type of task chair. Offering extra seating comfort, the Athlon fabrics add to the overall wellness at the workplace, empowering you to perform your best. The design is available in two versions. Athlon meets US flammability standard CA TB 117-2013 and Athlon Plus meets EU flammability standard EN 1021 1&2.
Fusing tech & vintage Aesthetically the Athlon fabrics have one foot in the past and one in the future, building a strong bridge between the workplace of today and tomorrow. It combines a futuristic, high-tech look with a strong vintage vibe, and creates a style which at the same time is comfortingly familiar and brand new. It offers a perfect balance of nostalgia and the futuristic, allowing you to feel safe in the well-known, while keeping your eyes on the future. Transforming office spaces At the office, new and flexible ways of working are triggering a metamorphosis of the classic office interior and furniture. Today, flexibility and performance go hand in hand as we move between various work situations everyday. In the variations of many fluent workstations, the office chair creates a setting that secures our ability to perform and to concentrate during focused screen time. The choice of fabric design becomes pivotal to add the right comfort that can support both functional and emotional needs to perform our best.