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Want timber walls without the sawdust, hammer and nails?

FSC wood on wall timber veneer wallcoverings certification

Like fingerprints the grain patterns and colour tones of trees are never exactly alike, offering the freedom to create unique wall experiences. Wood on wall wallcoverings simplify the application whilst retaining the beauty of timber.

What are they?

Wood On Wall – WOW Timber Veneer wallcoverings from Gilford are real timber veneers harvested under FSC certified conditions, mounted on a clay filled, or fabric backing to create a real timber veneer wallpaper. The timbers are delivered in rolls, untreated allowing for on-site staining or colour applications and grain matched to the wall dimensions. The nature of the veneer allows for the product to be applied to flat or curved surfaces without visible seams.

Are they appropriately harvested?

All timber veneers supplied have been assessed and certified as meeting the Chain of Custody requirements against Part 3.6 COC Certification Standard and are derived from a “well managed forest’ in accordance with FSC* [Forest Stewardship Council] standards. Most trees used for Veneering are hardwoods rather than softwoods. There are about 99,000 hardwoods in the world; however, only 50 are normally available for use in the manufacturing of flexible wood wallcovering. Trees are selected which give us the best yield and architectural beauty for a wall area.

Managed forests.

All of our natural veneers are derived from managed forests where sustainability practices preserve the natural ecosystem, protect endangered wildlife, and promote the rebirth of new timber growth.

FSC certified forests.

We offer a natural veneer which is FSC certified, providing independent third-party certification that our wood comes from forests managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

Rapidly renewable plantations.

The Friendly Harvest series is sourced exclusively from rapidly renewable tree plantations, allowing for the appearance of exotic veneers while protecting tropical rainforests.

Rapidly renewable farms.

Our bamboo veneer comes from plants which grow to maturity in less than four years. Harvesting is done by hand and is limited to the stalk, allowing for the root system to sprout new shoots the following rainy season. We exclusively use Mao Zhu Bamboo because this species is not consumed by the panda.

Sustainable harvesting.

All of our natural cork material is sourced from regions where sustainable harvesting methods have been used since the 13th century. The cork is peeled from the trees every ten years, allowing the trees to live 500 to 800 years.

*FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests

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