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    Zeitlberger walls will shift your mind  

When I was at school, I’d make some crazy contributions in art class. For instance, I’d build a collage of cat food cans and fish finger packets, then top it with an incongruous image of Superman flying through the mountain of rubbish on a mission to save the world. My art lacked sophistication and my teacher would often call me a silly sausage. However, there is a master of wallpaper design that HAS conquered the subtle art of juxtaposition in his famous murals. Thomas Zeitlberger is no sausage - and his range of innovative designs will give your home or retail outlet an instant makeover. If you’re looking for a design that will set your walls apart from the masses, if you’re searching for that elusive blend of high style and quirky individuality, you’ve found it with TZ.

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    Organic wallpaper from Hume Internationale  

OK, so we changed the lyrics a little, but when Aretha Franklin belted out the original tune in 1967 she was living in a very different world. Plastics were really big, man-made fibres were taking over from traditional materials and the environmental movement was widely viewed as a fringe minority full of wing nuts and hippies. These days, natural products are making a comeback and interior design has its increasingly green finger on the pulse with the intoxicating Vista Collection by Rasch-Textil.

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    Wall art transforms your room  

Does cubism inspire you to think outside the square? Does impressionism leave a lasting impression? Do you long to be surrounded by the sumptuous colours and dreamlike island reminisces of Matisse? Well today is your lucky day, because we have great news for anyone who truly loves their art. Modern digital printing techniques have moved beyond high gloss poster art, so now you can have your favourite works reproduced in stunning clarity on wall coverings engineered for this very purpose. All we need is a high resolution image to kick things off, then we’ll do the rest. It doesn’t matter if your favourite artist is hanging in the Louvre or hanging out at the local pub, you can surround yourself with your favourite works through our amazing digital wall art.

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    Love your walls with CRAKGON  

Do you have tired interior or exterior walls that are showing their age? Are you starting to see hairline plaster cracks, rising damp, mould and mildew? Do you sit and wonder how your walls can be restored quickly and efficiently, without creating an environmental disaster to rival the Exxon Valdez? Then salvation is at hand through the amazing reinforcing product known as CRAKGON. Simply paint it on to create a highly impervious, abrasion resistant, hygienic and long lasting barrier that allows the wall to breathe. This revolutionary moisture resistant tissue will strengthen your walls and give you the flexibility you need to get on with your renovation or interior design project.

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    Heimtextil trendwatch  

At Hume Internationale, we want to ensure we stay on top of what’s happening in the world of design to better serve our customers. To deliver on this goal, we have to stay across the emerging trends in the world of wallpaper production and design. That’s why we take the time and trouble to pack our bags and fly around the world to find the very best materials for your walls. The Heimtextil Trade Show is a huge event that brings together manufacturers and designers from all corners of the globe. We’ve seen the best in the business, up close and personal. We’ve uncovered the emerging trends in wallpaper design and now we’d like to share that knowledge with you.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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