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    Belbien commercial grade film for any surface  

Lab technicians are generally perceived as slick-haired nerds with pocket protectors, but every now and then those lovable eggheads throw us a real gem. Belbien is a breakthrough product that has slowly climbed to world fame since it was developed around the time of the Bay City Rollers. Belbien is an extraordinary architectural cladding, a superior vinyl laminate that can be used on internal or external surfaces. It is a perfect protective coating for literally hundreds of surfaces including internal doors, store fixtures, healthcare workstations, steel, glassboard and any building exterior that requires resistance to UV sunlight, rain, snow, ice, smog and other perils of nature.

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    Our commercial vinyls really shine  

It was Thursday August 24, 1972, when Neil Diamond stepped onto the stage at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The live show was captured in the history-making album Hot August Night, which featured truly belting songs like Crunchy Granola Suite, Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry, Sweet Caroline and more. But what does this iconic record have to do with our range of commercial grade wallpaper? One little word… VINYL. If you operate a commercial space that needs a fresh, stylish, but ultimately durable surface, you can’t beat our range of vinyl-backed wallcoverings.

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    Digital wallcoverings party hard at the Rumor Hotel  

Las Vegas, the jewel in the desert, is a showcase for that segment of humanity which has ‘checked out’ for the long weekend. The Rumor Hotel is their perfect stay… a new chic resort hotel that’s crammed with edgy style. Designer Mark Tracy got the green light to go wild when decorating this gem, so he made the most of innovative digital wall techniques to create a unique specimen. The result is an untamed beast of a hotel, the ultimate party host in a town fuelled by neon and high living. When you visit this place, you get a first hand glimpse of the endless possibilities created by modern breakthroughs in wallpaper manufacturing. You might also get $10 in gaming chips and a hangover.

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    Diamonds and Pearls belong on your walls  

When Marilyn Monroe sauntered down the stairs and belted out her famous song in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), it seemed the whole world conceded that diamonds were indeed a girl’s best friend. Madonna echoed the sentiment in Material Girl (1985), politely informing us that the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mister Right. But then Prince, dressed in purple, gave us a different take on Diamonds and Pearls (1991), hinting that it’s all about love rather than the cosy feeling of being surrounded by all those little gems. So who’s right? Well maybe the winning statement comes from grand wallpaper manufacturer Rasch-Textil, having just released their stunning Diamonds and Pearls collection. When you explore the lavish possibilities of this truly beautiful product, you’ll discover that the last word really belongs to your walls.

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    Wallpaper hangers praise Hume  

Climbing Mount Everest, winning the America’s Cup, mapping the human genome, building the International Space Station, squeezing out the very last bit of toothpaste without splitting the tube. These amazing feats all come with their own set of daunting challenges, but each hurdle must be overcome to achieve victory. Hume Internationale has ridden the peaks and troughs of the wallpapering industry for years, but has emerged with a sterling reputation and a vast reserve of expertise. Just ask the master wallhangers at Decoroll, who know a winning combination when they see it.

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