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    Wallpaper and collaboration  

Life is full of great collaborations. There’s McCartney and Lennon, Rogers and Hammerstein, Cruise and Kidman, Milli and Vanilli. But when it comes to interior decorating, can you match talents with your partner? Does the thought of collaborating on a project chill you to the bone? Well relax, we’ve assembled some simple guidelines that can turn this stormy sea into a lovely boat ride on the harbour. All it takes is a little planning and a few simple rules to avoid Armageddon.

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    Spice up your life  

Whether you live in the city or are nestled in the suburbs, wouldn’t it be great to add some charm and sophistication to your space without taking a hacksaw to your bank balance? After all, the Thurston-Howells did it on Gilligan’s Island using a few coconuts and some bamboo. So perk up, your walls can be immersed in affordable luxury thanks to the Opulence Collection by Marburg.

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    5 simple steps for maximising your view  

So you’re lucky enough to have a view from your stately residence. You gaze out, standing on the other side of an impervious barrier of knick knacks and poorly placed ottomans. Hmmm, you start to wonder if you’ve done justice to this fabulous view. Can things be improved? Can somebody fix your vista?

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    Wallpaper is back  

The web isn’t always pretty, but it’s certainly the quickest and easiest way to get a feel for social trends. Taking our lives in our hands, we cautiously went online to see what web surfers are saying about wallpaper. Renaissance or retro time bomb? We were pleasantly surprised to find that the goal posts have shifted in the court of public opinion. Now there’s a mixed metaphor, but we’ll take it anyway!

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    Dry Erase Wallcoverings  
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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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