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    Wallpaper and Relationships  

Dr Phil, American soothsayer and relationship expert, says that risk-taking is essential to a healthy relationship. Did you know that many relationships end up on the rocks simply because they get BORING? You can spice up your relationship today, starting with the four walls that surround you. Wallpaper really can save your relationship – and we can lead the way with an impressive selection, friendly advice and our famous expertise.

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    Modern design at its best  

Redecorated lately? You’ve probably gone a few rounds in that famous recurring boxing match where old world charm vs modern design. Depending on the venue, it can be easy to pick the winner. But what if your home or business treads the fine line between the traditional and the contemporary? How do you find the perfect balance for your walls? Salvation may be at hand with the inspiring Belacol Collection

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    Amaze Your Friends  

You know the scene, the linguine pesto has been devoured and you’ve polished off the chocolate pudding with extra dollop. The dessert wine is poured and the conversation turns to the walls that surround you. So what are going to do with the house? Now you can head any armchair experts off at the pass with a sackful of handy facts that will stun your party guests and make you feel good about yourself

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    Superman and fabrics  

Superman is a life-saver, but he’s also one messy dude. All that saving-the-planet stuff sure drags the grime and grease inside… and who knows what chemical agents are lurking on that cape? So how does he keep his superhero pad clean, comfortable and stylish? He uses Crypton – a truly amazing, high-tech, environmentally responsible fabric that is clean, green and virtually indestructible.

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    Ten good reasons…  

Paint or wallpaper? Monochrome blitz or delicate design? Billiard-ball-smooth or embossed texture? If you need convincing when it comes to wall coverings, you’ve arrived at the right place. The whole industry is being turned upside down with an explosion of materials, styles and textures now available for your humble walls. Rasch, the German company renowned for quality craftsmanship in wall coverings, has produced their top ten reasons for choosing wallpaper over paint

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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