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    Discover the lost art of wallpapering  

The ancients held the secrets of building the pyramids close to their chests, just as all modern politicians keep their policies bundled up until after the election. At Hume Internationale, we can guide you through the basics of modern wallpapering. It’s easy and it’s fun – but if you’d rather eat nuts and have a drink while we work, you can always get one of our experts to do it for you!

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    Marburg brings out the best in walls  

Don Bradman, Phar Lap, Dawn Fraser. All icons, all champions in their particular field. But who is the title holder when it comes to wall coverings? It’s a fierce race, but you can be sure that the photo finish will include Marburg. Their stunning collections continue to inspire and delight.

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    Hume Internationale commercial project file  

Yes, we could blow our horn, but instead we’ll give you a list – a very special list – of the key projects that we’ve and those we represent have been involved in over the years. The list accumulated represents an impressive catalogue of domestic and overseas clients and we think you’ll be amazed at the reach of our expertise.

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    Carleton a wallpaper collection for those of the manor born  

The English Manor House – that mainstay of classic design – is cherished around the world for its timeless elegance and grace. But how do you reproduce its splendour when it comes to wall design? Now there’s a wallpaper that does this majestic icon justice… a wonderful range of designs capable of inspiring a thousand romantic era novels. Soft muted tones and florals create the perfect backdrop for a high tea, plush chaise longue or glass of sherry by the fireplace. So raise a pinky and immerse yourself in the carefully crafted sophistication of the Carleton Collection from Brewster.

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    We only hang with the best  

When it comes to decorating your commercial or residential space, you want to do a professional job right? Hume Internationale can come charging over the hill like the cavalry in a western movie, because we’ve got the right contacts with experience and expertise. Who are they, where are they?

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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