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    Wallcoverings are child’s play  

They make us work so hard, they test us all day long, they take a mile every time you give an inch – but we all love our kids and we want the very best for them at all times. If you’ve been staring at the demolition site that is your kid’s room, wondering how to spruce it up and give it some pizzazz, then you should check out the range of specially designed wall coverings for kids.

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    Top construction firm rates Hume Internationale  

Hume Internationale has enjoyed many productive working relationships over the years, but we still love to hear positive things about our expertise and service. Croft Developments Pty Ltd is a leading construction company in aged care facilities with multiple projects underway in the eastern states. If you’re keen to hear their thoughts before you take the plunge, the details are at your fingertips.

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    Feature walls deserve more  

Are you staring into a bland expanse of battleship grey or sandy taupe? Are you wondering when that magic moment of inspiration will reach out of the abyss and tap you on the shoulder? Well there’s no need to worry, the solution may be lurking in the resurgence of the wall mural. Hume Internationale has a fascinating collection of murals sourced from around the world.

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    Classic makeovers with class  

Brewster Home Fashions has been a prominent manufacturer and distributor of fine wallpapers and home décor products since 1954. Brewster is headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts, enjoying a sterling reputation as one of the oldest independent, family-owned wallpaper companies in America. Breathe new life into your traditional space with wonderful designs forged by Brewster.

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    Conquer the final frontier  

Run your eye down the wall of a funky commercial or residential space. Your journey stops at the skirting board, right? Not any more. RAPOXY® is an amazing product that allows you to seal in the Rasch range of wall coverings on your floor – creating a resilient surface with endless design possibilities!

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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