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COVERING WALLS — ISSUE 23 Residential Commercial Kids Blog
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    Wood wallcoverings - real wood real walls at a fraction of the price  

We live in fast-paced, pre-packaged, pre-fabricated days. No time to stop and smell the roses, no time to gaze at your navel, no time to sit alone and soak up the ambience of a room. If you want the smell of cut grass on a lazy afternoon, it can be manufactured. If you want a shirt you never have to iron, there’s a factory that can do it. So it’s no wonder that many interior designers are turning back to nature for inspiration, but it’s a double-edged sword. How do embrace the warmth and texture of natural wood without the painstaking effort and environmental cost? It’s easy, just go for the innovative product called Wood On Wall (WOW).

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    Wall Pops - one pop and you just can’t stop  

Wall Pops are fast, fun and fantastic. Just and peel and stick to create your own design combinations, it’s a great way to add a burst of colour and bring a distinctive style to any room. Choose from the dots-blox-stripes range, explore one of our wall art kits or get funky with an expressive dry erase kit. And if you change your mind or want to try out a new combination, just peel them off and add a fresh suite of stick-ons. It’s an exciting time to delve into our collection too, because Wall Pops has teamed up with red hot decorating trendsetter Jonathan Adler. Now there’s even more wonderful ways to bring joy into your home.

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    Belbien commercial grade film for any surface  

Lab technicians are generally perceived as slick-haired nerds with pocket protectors, but every now and then those lovable eggheads throw us a real gem. Belbien is a breakthrough product that has slowly climbed to world fame since it was developed around the time of the Bay City Rollers. Belbien is an extraordinary architectural cladding, a superior vinyl laminate that can be used on internal or external surfaces. It is a perfect protective coating for literally hundreds of surfaces including internal doors, store fixtures, healthcare workstations, steel, glassboard and any building exterior that requires resistance to UV sunlight, rain, snow, ice, smog and other perils of nature.

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    Karim Rashid wallpaper by Marburg  

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. He has over 3000 designs in production, has received more than 300 awards and has worked in over 40 countries. His boundless creativity reaches into art, fashion and music - and he remains determined to leave his mark on every aspect of our physical and virtual landscape. Now this amazing designer has collaborated with leading wallcovering manufacturer Marburg to produce a wonderful collection inspired by the retro organic shapes of the 70s.

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    Glam and Glory wallpaper by Rasch Textil  

Rome is a city that is both beguiling and unique. This ancient city finds itself today at the forefront of vogue design and sophisticated style, hallmarks of the fascinating Glam & Glory Collection from Rasch Textil. Italian chic is everywhere… in the fashion, in the architecture, in the blood. Now this hotbed of modernism has inspired an exciting collection of wallcoverings that draws on both the glam of contemporary living and the glory of the past. It’s a striking balance that gives the collection great dexterity and universal appeal.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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