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    Verity - one giant step forward for wallpaper  

Rasch wallpapers are world famous for their quality and innovation. Based in Germany, the company’s rich history has led them to an exciting new frontier in wallcoverings. The Verity Collection is the first bold instalment from the Rasch 1861 range, a truly avant-garde compilation that is simply stunning. Inspired by new materials, a new sculptural formal language has been created in this radical and contemporary triumph of manufacturing and design. The Verity collection reveals what true design can be – beauty which goes beyond the mere surface of the wall.

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    Carleton a wallpaper collection for those of the manor born  

The English Manor House – that mainstay of classic design – is cherished around the world for its timeless elegance and grace. But how do you reproduce its splendour when it comes to wall design? Now there’s a wallpaper that does this majestic icon justice… a wonderful range of designs capable of inspiring a thousand romantic era novels. Soft muted tones and florals create the perfect backdrop for a high tea, plush chaise longue or glass of sherry by the fireplace. So raise a pinky and immerse yourself in the carefully crafted sophistication of the Carleton Collection from Brewster.

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    3d your walls with Patent wallpaper  

Back in the 1990’s, we were shaking our junk to the beat of Beastie Boys, Destiny’s Child and for a short while Hanson (MMM Bop). Then suddenly, we took down our posters of Eminem and Ricky Martin to cover our walls in paint. Monochrome walls were everywhere, huge blocks of neutral colour began paving the way for wall-mounted plasmas and Bose speakers. It seemed that the paintbrush would rule forever, then creative interior design started to claw its way back. Today wallpaper has made a remarkable resurgence, bringing bold new designs and innovative products into the marketplace. But for times when you just have to paint, you can turn to a great product called Patent Décor. It’s a fully paintable range of hearty textures and captivating patterns that can take you way beyond the two dimensional world of flat colour.

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    Astor by Marburg create beautiful walls with stunning wallpapers  

Classic homes deserve special attention, so it’s important to find superior products for every aspect of your renovation… even the walls. At Hume Internationale, we pride ourselves in finding the perfect solution to every challenge. If you are looking for classic wallcoverings that combine traditional style with 21st century expertise, you should look closely at the Astor Collection by Marburg. Now here’s a range that’s sophisticated but comfortable, tasteful but energetic, fresh but imbued with period charm.

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    Join the digital wall revolution  

At dusk, a thousand zebras come charging over the wide open savannah. A writhing mass of black and white stripes tumbles into sight, then wham, a single individual hits your senses like a sledgehammer. One lone zebra rises up from the herd with an intoxicating blend of yellow and purple checks and a ruby red mane. You could become that individual - all you have to do is take a bold step into the land of modern murals.

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