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    Mystique X elegant wallpaper by Brewster  

You can almost hear the sea spray racing off a Long island beach, whipping up to meet the grand old homes on the North Shore of Nassau County. These old money estates carry distant echoes of the grace and sophistication of a bygone era. Their high walls are wrapped in the subtle florals and warm tones reproduced in the Mystique X Collection from Brewster, the logical successor to the Mystique IX range that so embodied the rural charms of American living.

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    ‘at home’ wallpaper collection by Marburg  

Marburg has done it again… produced a wallpaper range that infuses all the best elements of modern and classic design. The ‘at home’ collection is a masterpiece of interior design, a truly inspired blend of traditional and contemporary standards that will sit perfectly in both residential and professional settings. The collection can make a room glow using a skilful interplay with natural light.

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    Wallpaper walls with timber naturally  

Fancy a wine by the pine? A cold coke by the oak? Do your knees go weak when surrounded by teak? Sounds like you’re longing to get back to nature. But how do you introduce real timber into your interior design without compromising your environmental principles? Now there’s a way, thanks to the Wood On Walls Collection – the carefully selected timber veneer range from Gilford.

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    Clever makeover puts wallpaper in places you wouldn’t expect  

Christina Coop loves wallpaper. In fact, she gave her Victorian Era apartment a modern makeover through innovative use of wallpaper. She even saves wallpaper scraps and remnants and uses them on all kinds of surfaces in her apartment. To keep her pad interesting and cohesive, she uses different wallpapers in each room but keeps the design and colour scheme fairly consistent. She did such a good job, she was featured in Better Homes & Gardens.

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    Great Kids wallpaper is hard to find  

Kids love to dream - and this is a dreamlike collection that will spark the imagination. The kids will love the bright engaging colours and hand-drawn qualities of Manekin by Marburg. The collection is based around four main themes of (1) football (2) elephants (3) horses (4) sun, moon and stars. So you can cater for budding sports stars, zoologists, farmers and equestrians, even astronauts.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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