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    Tedlar for walls that repel anything  

When the going gets tough, the tough get TEDLAR! Tedlar is a special film made from PVF. It’s a breakthrough product that provides instant protection against the countless nasties that can attack the walls of your commercial space. Tedlar is resistant to scratches, solvents, bacterial microbes and a whole host of ugly foodstuffs. So if your walls need protection – real protection – check out the long term shielding capabilities of Tedlar from Du Pont.

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    Villanova wallpaper by Marburg that delivers style by the bucket load  

Proud Magazine, the online luxury and lifestyle magazine based in Switzerland, is at the cutting edge of modern trend research. And there’s an interesting development sweeping the globe. All over the world, it seems, people are rethinking their way of life. Simplicity and sustainability are no longer abstract desires, they are concepts that belong to everyday life. City dwellers are looking for products they can relate to every day, decor that allows them to build an emotional and tactile connection. Villanova by Marburg fits the bill perfectly, boasting refined materials and textured surfaces that are highly characteristic of modern home decor trends.

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    Newmor commercial grade wallcoverings with looks and guts to boot  

If your commercial premises is having a big lazy snooze, if your hospitality outlet has lost its buzz, if your customers are dozing instead of buzzing, then you need to rethink your decor. Newmor Studio Fabric Backed Vinyl can wake your sleeping walls with engaging designs and colours. Art Deco elements hark back to a classic era of sleek design, whilst modern printing techniques introduce extraordinary lustres and other visual effects to the collection.

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    The truth about Hume Internationale Wallcoverings- is what it seems!  

At Hume Internationale, we know that wallpaper has seen good times and tough times. These days, a revolution is happening in home decor that is bringing fresh products into the marketplace and changing the way we think about our walls. Whether you are looking to revitalise a residential or commercial space, we’ve got your walls covered. We have the products, we have the passion, we have the expertise. So when it comes to contemporary or classic decor for the walls that surround you, there’s no better choice than Hume Internationale

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    Commercial Fabrics that know how to last  

Commercial businesses rely on their interior decor for a whole host of reasons. The right decor can create a special ambience that really adds to the customer experience. The designs and colour schemes that are used can speak volumes about the operators and what they want from the venue. Comfort and durability are also high on the list, whilst many operators are also looking for environmentally responsible products. So where do you find high quality commercial fabrics that have all these attributes?

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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