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    Wallpaper myths exposed  

Imagine the scene… a fossilised relic wearing pyjamas shuffles into the kitchen in brown corduroy slippers. The kettle is popped on the stove, sending clouds of steam up a stained beige wall adorned with peeling wallpaper. Flashback to tight ‘stubbies’ shorts, summerweight floral frocks, transistor radios and moustaches styled after John Newcombe. No, make it stop!

Well you can relax, because the myths that surround wallpaper have been exploded in recent times in the wake of a revolution that is rocking interior design. Why not join the join the revolution? Step up, become a mythbuster and discover the truth about modern wallpaper.

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    Marburg releases another great collection  

Remember when posh meant more than Mrs Beckham? Remember when taste and elegance were found outside Masterchef? Then you’ll appreciate the exciting possibilities of Esterel by Marburg, a range of high quality wall coverings that can transform your sleepy interior into a chic and stately space that transcends the mundane, bringing opulence and sophistication to your home or office

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    Say goodbye to cracked walls  

Cracks, the painter’s nightmare that just won’t go away… until now. CRAKGON® is changing the way that professional and DIY painters attack the problem of cracks. CRAKGON® is a fine glass fibre film that covers problem areas and can be painted over to create a lasting barrier for interior and exterior conditions. It’s safe, easy to use and available now from Hume Internationale.

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    Wow your commercial customers with Newmor  

Hume Internationale understands that commercial spaces demand special attention when it comes to interior design. Whilst style and ambience is important, commercial spaces also need to consider safety and durability. Newmor is a world class manufacturer of commercial wall coverings, giving you an edge over the competition and making your occupants feel at right home

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    Hume Internationale receives rave review  

Hume Internationale has been around the block. We know wall coverings, we know the best products and where to source them at competitive prices. But we also know our customers, we know the importance of great service and ongoing reliability. So don’t be shy about striking up a relationship with us, it’s easy. Check out this ringing endorsement from award winning branding specialists studioplus.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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