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    Alice Whow! wallpaper with energy  

OK this is it - the definitive wallpaper for the youth market. If you think Wikipedia is a type of basket, if you think Blogspot requires a stain remover, if you think YouTube is a cylinder for holding female sheep, then this wallpaper is not for you. The collection is vibrant, sassy, full of life and makes full use of the colour wheel. If you’re looking to put some sizzle back into a really lame room, if your decor is needs more hip and less hipster dufus, if you want a space that’s young and spirited - then check out the bold new designs and vivid colour combinations available in Marburg’s Alice Whow!

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    The next Opulence - Guilia wallpaper from Marburg - now available  

It’s nice to be surrounded by exquisite furnishings and a lavish interior that’s elegant and refined. It’s nice to reside in an ambience of subtle sophistication. It’s nice to feast your eyes on high grade wallcoverings instead of ancient relics from the era of cork shoes, beehives and the Cold War. But how do you go from A to B without employing a hit squad of highly priced professionals who’ll spend months in the design lab? It’s easy, just go for the instantly gratifying Opulence Giulia Collection from Marburg.

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    Digital Wall Art - your imagination is the limit  

When Michelangelo climbed the scaffolding in the Sistine Chapel, he had a divine vision rattling around in his head. Now you can release your own sublime revelations, simply by using modern digital printing techniques to create distinctive walls in your residential or commercial space. So free your mind and conjure up a stunning artwork that will really set your walls apart from the rest. The possibilities are endless, the satisfaction immense, the results brilliant.

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    Graham Beale -NSW paint and hardware giant  

Beware, there’s a secret agent scuttling about the premier state. His mission is to upgrade residential and commercial decor, bringing out the best in buildings all over NSW. His name is Graham Beale, a highly experienced operator now working for Hume. He’s larger than life and believes that the right wallcoverings can bring personality and creativity back into every space. Wherever there’s a rundown building with no spunk, he’ll be there. Wherever there’s a dull lifeless wall, he’ll be there. Wherever there’s a blank canvas and a perplexed decorator in need of urgent assistance, he’ll be there!

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    CRAKGON prevents pressure cracking  

CRAKGON is an amazing product, capable of restoring damaged surfaces and reinforcing them for years to come. Technically, it’s a non-woven tissue of randomly dispersed continuous C-glass fibres, but we simply know it as the product you turn to when the cracks start to appear. Government officials in Singapore can testify to the product’s effectiveness, as a case study has revealed the tremendous healing properties of CRAKGON when applied to the island nation’s high rise buildings. See the results and imagine what this high quality product can do for your own walls.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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