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    Panels wallpaper collection by Marburg  

Take one look at the Panels Collection by Marburg and you’ll realise instantly that wallpaper has finally shattered its most persistent myth… wallpaper is for old people. Rats to that theory, because this collection is free spirited, vibrant, colourful and pitched perfectly at the discerning young buyer. The use of bold design motifs in a blaze of contemporary colours is allowing young people to find a designer niche for their urban crash pad or funky townhouse.

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    Crush Lounge - amazing wallpaper by Marburg  

In a world that’s rapidly shrinking, where every day we move a step closer to global homogeny, it’s important to pause occasionally and celebrate the many subtle differences between East and West. Your residential or commercial space is a great place to start, but how can you successfully blend two distinct cultures into a cohesive decor? Just think Crush Lounge. Marburg wallcoverings has produced a stunning collection in Crush Lounge, where traditional oriental elements are carefully blended with contemporary designs to produce a wallpaper collection of great beauty and style.

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    Newmor commercial wallcoverings- texture at another level  

What if jelly beans came in just one flavour? What if ice cream was always vanilla, traffic lights always red? What a bland existence, like opening a box that’s always empty. Luckily, life’s not like that at all and we are constantly presented with choice. The Newmor Premier Collection takes choice to a new level, with a huge range of options for the commercial designer looking to freshen up their walls and invigorate their business.

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    Paint and wallpaper mix well together  

Wallpaper is back and it’s transforming the interior decorating scene with great speed. New manufacturing techniques are producing a torrent of exciting designs and rich colours, which means the monochrome wall is rapidly falling out of favour. But what if you simply HAVE to paint and can’t stand the thought of a listless flat surface greeting your guests? Rejoice, because there’s a great product that can take a lick of paint and still manage to put real texture back into your walls. It’s called Patent Decor, the fully paintable series of 3D design structures that turn can DULL WALLS into AMAZING WALLS.

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    Kids World wallpaper collection by Brewster  

They yell, they jump, they laugh, they cry, they race around the place like crazy baboons. We all love our kids, but do we pay the same attention to their rooms? Kids like to have their own space and it’s important that they feel comfortable and happy when they use it. Hume Internationale can help you make the most out of your kid’s space. You’ll need a wallpaper collection that’s bright and cheerful, flexible and robust. Sounds like you need Kids World, the upbeat wallpaper collection from Brewster.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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