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    Hume Internationale products are designed for the environment  

Imagine the scene. A fresh cartload of marigolds arrives at the mud hut. The hippies stop weaving their clothes for moment and stick a flower behind their hair. The stovetop bubbles away as the scent of mung beans and lentils drifts across the compound and people join hands to sing about the whale. Moonbeam and Rainbow dance across the untouched earth and more people arrive to surrender their possessions and hug the Sharing Tree. Sound like your town? Probably not, but you don’t have to go all barefoot and altruistic to save the planet. Why not start with your walls?

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    What is a Zuhause Wohnen wallpaper collection?  

Magazines are a worldwide phenomenon and people love to read all kinds of titles, from trashy gossip to quantum mechanics. But it’s not too often that a magazine inspires a whole wallpaper range! ZUHAUSE WOHNEN (Living At Home) is the magazine behind a wonderfully effervescent wallpaper collection that’s fresh, feminine and free-spirited. So if you’re looking to add these qualities to your living space or bedroom, you should take a close look at this inspiring collection.

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    Wallpaper ‘x’ files- the truth is closer than you think!  

The world is FLAT. Crop circles are made by ALIENS. There’s no fat in a CHEESEBURGER. I love doing HOUSEHOLD CHORES. If you were born on this planet, you’ve grown up listening to all kinds of baloney. Try this one… wallpaper is stuck in the SEVENTIES. Now that really is a myth of huge proportions, because modern wallcoverings have come a long way since platform shoes and satin slacks. The manufacturing process has evolved very quickly and there’s a stunning selection of textures, colours, designs and materials available today. So what are the big myths about wallpaper and how have they been killed off one by one?

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    Scandinavian Nudists demand covered walls!  

When most people think of Scandinavia they think of fjords set against spruce covered mountains, industrious engineers working in pristine lab coats, or tanned nudists frolicking about in log cabins. The far north has, however, long been a powerhouse of style as well as functional design. This ability to produce a harmonious marriage between traditional beauty and modern living is a hallmark of high end interior design. If you are seeking a unique blend of traditional and modern elements, plus the opportunity to bring both splendour and comfort to your living space, then you must check out the Scandinavian Vintage Collection by Marburg.

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    Erasawall - the white board for wallpaper lovers  

THE HUNT IS ON and your nostrils flare in anticipation as you race across the living room and tumble into the kitchen. You need a PEN AND PAPER right now, otherwise the moment will be lost and your amazing thought will disappear into the bubbles popping on the surface of your gin and tonic. But why stress? We have a truly innovative solution for those who dare to think big - the amazing ERASAWALL. You can now cover an entire wall with a high-tech film that allows you to pour out your thoughts and erase them at will when you’re done. It’s a perfect solution for those who are busy, technically minded, creating a literary masterpiece or even a new artistic movement!

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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