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    The amazing surface healing properties of CRAKGON  

CALL THE WALL DOCTOR! The witch doctor? No, the wall doctor. If your walls are cracked, blistering, peeling and flaking, don’t mess around with half-hearted cures. You need a swift injection of CRAKGON, the amazing product that repairs and restores . How can you decorate when your walls look like a hard night out on the turps? How can you inject style and sophistication when your walls look like they’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson? In the old days you’d spend hours just getting them back into shape, but with CRAKGON you can solve any number of surface problems. You can simply paint all those defects into oblivion with a highly resistant protective barrier that shields your walls for years.

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    The Queens wallpaper collection by Rasch conquers Manhattan  

Not too long ago, metropolitan living was all about infusing the big bad city into your home décor. People brought the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle right into their living rooms and bedrooms, using big bold interior designs to break down the barrier between the streets and the sheets. Today people are looking to take refuge from all that commotion, softening their approach to home living as they take a brief respite from conquering the world. But how do you move from overdrive to oasis? Well you can make a great start with the cleverly designed Queens Collection by Rasch.

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    Hume Internationale are proven wallcovering performers  

It’s an exciting time when you set out to transform your home, office, restaurant, hotel, retail outlet or marine vessel. But how do you find the right products, the right people, the right advice and the right level of customer service? You could scour the nation and slowly assemble a jigsaw puzzle of helpful places and faces - or you can tick all the boxes in one easy step with Hume Internationale. We have a wonderful range, we have the expertise, we have a passion for customer service and we won’t rest until you achieve your vision.

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    Typically French wallcoverings from Rasch Textil  

You rise from your chaise longue, whack on some Givenchy and clamber into your purring Peugot, scooting down the road to the Matisse exhibition before picking up a Brie de Meaux that can be washed down with a cheeky Krug NV Grande Cuvee. Stop right there – you may be a Francophile! If you embrace all things French – or just admire their natural affinity for style – it’s time to introduce your walls to the stunning collection known as ‘Un Jour A Versailles’ (A Day In Versailles). Meticulously designed by Brigitte von Boch, the collection is a truly beautiful selection of wallcoverings reminiscent of 18th Century Versailles.

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    Jacky Joe wallpaper for kids  

What’s our most precious resource? Is it iron ore, uranium, old growth forest or our native ecology? Could it be economic prosperity, a flourishing banking system or stable politics? No, surely it’s our children. It all falls to them, those little cherubs with a flower in one hand and a mud pie in the other. We are the custodians of their future, so it’s important that we give them every opportunity to thrive. In a small way, we can start by giving them a comforting and creative space in which to grow. Kids don’t need stark walls, they need visual stimulation and a splash of colour. If you want to get your hands on a safe and engaging wallcovering solution for kids, you’ve found it in Jacky Joe.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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