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    We have it all at Hume Internationale wallcoverings  

Changing your living or working space can be tricky, sometimes even daunting. Your mind can become a cluster bomb of conflicting designs and styles, but there’s a way out of this pickle. My world changed when I stopped thinking about individual collections and started thinking about broad concepts. What characteristics do I want my space to exude? Do I want to explore options that are unique, contemporary, classic, digital, organic or paintable? At Hume, we’re happy to talk about you’re your general concept and provide a range of choices that fall perfectly within the target zone

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    Beautiful wallpaper design is not subject to the seasons  

OK, it’s 1974. Your world is a spinning whirlwind of mauve shirts, wide ties, beehives, cork shoes and unisex hairspray. The boom box pulsates to the rhythms of Grand Funk Railroad and Wings. The nature strip is home to a beige Kingswood, a purple Valiant and a burnt orange Charger. The wallpaper inside your house is about to go into stasis for 40 years, emerging victorious in the new millennium as the ultra-cool and up-tempo PLAISIR Collection by Rasch.

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    The amazing comeback of wallpaper  

Wallpaper – the maligned millstone that refused to move with the times – that dodgy peeling relic cast to the wind a few decades ago – has made an astonishing comeback in modern times. How could this crusty souvenir of the sixties and seventies claw its way back from obscurity? How did this granny flat icon come back from the dead? And what is the world saying about wallpaper today?

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    Wallpaper: the new paradigm  

It was kooky, it was innovative, it was absolutely fascinating. When Polish designer Oskar Zieta put on a show at Sotheby’s, he wanted to challenge his audience to use a fresh perspective. But how? In a stroke of brilliance, he placed a number of carefully selected furnishings inside boxes lined with geometric wallcoverings. He then carved peep holes in the boxes, using various angles to throw off the senses and create reflective surfaces that bucked traditional notions of furniture plus four walls. Oskar Zieta shows how the clever use of wallcoverings, together with selected furniture pieces, can create a lasting impression on your guests, employees or clients.

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    Wallpaper with sophistication  

The chandelier hangs low and the bees wax candle flickers by the crystal decanter, silently embracing its precious cargo of vintage Chateau Lafite. The fireplace casts a warm glow on the Rembrandt, whilst the mahogany table is resplendent with a surfeit of wagyu steak and matsutake mushrooms served on 18th Century Wedgewood. Life’s good, but your classic home is longing for some special attention. The walls are listless and tatty - they are crying out for a collection that’s sophisticated but comfortable, tasteful but energetic, fresh but imbued with period charm. Jeeves the Butler interjects with a timely and wise observation… just go for the Astor Collection by Marburg.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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