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    The Studio Wallpaper Collection from Marburg  

When driving down the road, do your knuckles go white on the wheel as you turn into your street? Does thunder clap as you approach the dark and brooding abode you call home? Can you hear the wolves howling as you creep up the crow-lined driveway into your garage? If you have a haunted house, then it’s time to clear the bats from the belfry, sweep the cobwebs from the cornices and cut the crabgrass to a nice neat stubble. Your menacing mansion can be saved. How? It’s easy - just freshen up your interior with the crisp, contemporary designs featured in the Studio Collection from Marburg.

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    Wall Murals - create your own feature  

When it comes to dessert, would you rather a flat bowl of custard - or a spectacular fusion of chocolate, honeycomb, grenache and brittle toffee stacked high on a raspberry coulis? Fat content aside, desserts are meant to be celebrated – and so is your feature wall. That’s why it’s called a FEATURE wall. So why splatter it with custard? Why smother it in a bland coat of uniform paint? These days, you don’t have to settle for a ‘bald wall’ because there’s been a revolution in wall murals. Give your feature wall the attention it deserves by tapping into our range of captivating and innovative wall murals.

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    Floorpaper? - Wallpaper your floors with Rapoxy  

The FLOOR – it’s the forgotten showpiece in almost every commercial space. Take a close look at your floor, is it a drab slab just aching for some artistic treatment to bring it back to life? Whilst decorators devote a lot of time and energy to walls and lighting, the floor has traditionally been left to its own devices. Now all that has changed, thanks to an amazing product that brings unbridled creativity and impressive durability to your floor space. Welcome to the wonderful world of RAPOXY.

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    Villanova wallpaper triumphs over the urban jungle  

The urban jungle is not for everyone, it takes a special breed of cat to build an island of serenity amidst the swirling maelstrom of metropolitan living. The exotic charms of inner city life can be truly intoxicating, but your abode has to keep pace with its surroundings. You’ll need a décor that’s capable of matching your lifestyle, one imbued with chic elegance and a sultry sophistication. Hume Internationale can give your walls the right kind of attributes, an intoxicating blend of modish design and sensual touch. It’s all been built into the exciting Villanova Collection by Marburg.

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    Commercial Fabrics to die for  

OK, so you need to revamp your commercial space using high grade fabrics that really hit the mark. Luckily, while rummaging around in the back room you stumble upon the extremely rare Design Genie. Whooooshka! You instantly get three wishes, but where do you start? How can you make all the right choices? What qualities are you going to bestow upon your commercial grade fabrics? At Hume Internationale, we can help you out. Whilst we’ve never actually laid eyes on the genie, we do know that commercial fabrics should be DURABLE, STYLISH and KIND TO THE PLANET. So when you start exploring our commercial fabrics collection, you’re already way ahead of the game!

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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